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Apr 5, 2007 04:58 PM

Ottawa Market Area Family Dining

Our family's meeting up with another in Ottawa this Good Friday. Our kids (10 & 13) enjoy most anything, from foie gras, sushi and duck confit to ribs and (real) pizza. The other kids somewhat less adventurious, what's around the Market Area that's not a tourist trap? We'd take a pass on Chinese but most anything else ethnic's cool.

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  1. We like to go to Mamma Grazzi for their pastas and pizza. Food is fresh and tasty.

    1. Some decent general-interest places, like the Cornerstone Bar & Grill or Blue Cactus (tex-mex) might be good. I've not been to Cornerstone but Blue Cactus is great.

      For ethnic, Royal Thai is one of the best Thai places in Ottawa (it's on Dalhousie). Saigon is good, solid Vietnamese (most kids like spring rolls and noodles) on Clarence St. Agora, also on Dalhousie, is very casual Mexican, but the owner is the nicest guy ever and the salsa bar cannot be beat.

      Memories (also on Clarence, close to Sussex) is sort of hippie bistro food, lots of sammies and wraps, a curry, a pasta, a quiche, excellent soups, good vegetarian selections, and utterly fantastic desserts.

      There's Wasabi too, excellent Japanese - their teriyaki and tempura might tempt the kids while the grownups enjoy some sushi, sashimi or whatever. Nice wine selection there, too.

      I hope you have a blast, wherever you go!

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        Memories appears to be closed for renovations at the moment. I don't think the sign gave a re-opening date.

        Khao Thai is also very good. (on Murray)

      2. Frankly, although it's not quite authentic, the only market restaurant I'll venture to is Royal Thai on Dalhousie. They have spectacular food, and there's enough variation in the cuisine that you can likely find something that's not offensive to everyone. My brother, whose idea of Chinese consists of fried rice and spare ribs, even enjoyed the experience. They have, hands down, *the* best vegetable spring rolls that I've ever encountered in my life. I wouldn't recommend them for a true Thai adventure, but they offer a hearty, satisfying meal that is sure to delight.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions so far; I have a feeling we've been to the Royal Thai and I remember it being quite good. It's too bad tourist destinations and poor food seem to go hand in hand. If there are other recommendations, venturing out of the Market area but still central, bring them on.

          1. Well, for the less-adventurous, maybe Milestones?

            For the rest of you, hit one of the Ethiopean restaurants across from the Bytowne.