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Apr 5, 2007 04:45 PM

Slow cooker/crockpot suggestion

I am interested in buying my first slow cooker (same thing as a crockpot, right?) and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. It is usually just two of us cooking, so what size should I get? Any particular brand that is best? Thanks!

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  1. This one made by Presto is pretty cool, and multifunctional.


    1. It got a Cuisinart Crockpot/slow cooker and it works great tho it's a bit big for just my husband and me. I'm thinking of buying a second smaller one. I'm curious how others answer this question too.

      1. I have a Rival; I think it's around 5 qts. I cook for two but like to have leftovers, so I find it's a good size. If I were buying it now, though, I think I'd get the oval shaped version instead of the deeper round version. If you want to, say, roast a chicken it will fit better in the oval shaped ones, although I've done it in mine.

        1. I recently saw one at Target that was medium sized, oval and had a temperature probe. If I hadn't just bought a new one the same size 6 months ago, I'd have bought it in a minute.

          Something to think about is whether you'll be able to be able to be there to turn the thing down after 6-8 hours, my workday with commute runs 10 hours. Consider a timer model if that could be a problem for you.

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            I've got a Rival and I like it a lot. I would make sure that you can remove the crock for cleaning, that makes things so much less trouble. I just put my crock in the dishwasher. No problem.

          2. I like both Rival & Presto. I made sure at least one of mine was tall so I could bake cakes in one pound coffee cans.