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Apr 5, 2007 04:16 PM

Cooling stocks quickly

When I was in hotel school, the kitchens had these big (anywhere from 12 - 30" long) hard plastic molds that got filled with water, frozen, then plunged into hot stocks and soups to rapidly cool them down without diluting with melted ice. Has anyone else seen these and if so, what are they called, who makes them, and most importantly, where might I buy one?

Thank you for any help!

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  1. Restaurant supply stores carry them, but I haven't seen them anywhere else.

    1. Or you could also place the pot in iced & salted water.

      1. I just fill large, sealable freezer bags (doubled, just to be sure no leakage) and freeze. When finished, wash off thoroughly and refreeze. You can also put a frozen Blue Ice in a freezer bag and pop that in your pot of hot stuff.

        1. You can also place the stock pot in a larger container of cold water. I fill one side of my sink with cold water and place the stock pot into the water. It cools the pot and liquid quickly and then into the fridge.

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            If I'm in a hurry, or have a really big pot, I do both!