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Apr 5, 2007 04:14 PM

Porter House or Dylan Prime?

Hmm? Which should I choose. Thanks

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'm partial to Michael Lomonaco, so I'd choose Porter House.

        1. I don't know anything about Dylan Prime personally. Have been to Porter House twice and had a very nice meal. Sides are very good. Non-steak dishes are good. And the steak is very good. Really nice desserts too -- not the standard huge hank of cheesecake. Waitstaff, at least on my visit, were attentive and honest (too many times I go to a steakhouse and when I ask them to recommend a steak they get all vague and non-committal). And the room is LOVELY, especially if you get near a window. It's a nice evening all around.

          1. I prefer Dylan Prime. Great food and atmosphere!

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              With such a great menu and such an extensive wine list, an inviting bar and a location that some would say is off the beaten path, this restaurant is sure to have a recipe for success right? Wrong, capital letters W-R-O-N-G. We recently dined there on a Saturday night with 3 other couples.
              For starters, the usual, 9:00 reservation, table wasn't ready until 9:30. Wouldn't have been a big deal except, while we were waiting, bartenders made the wrong drinks, and put champagne cocktails in wine glasses.Needless to say we were not off to a running start. next, hostess proudly said at 9:10, sorry we can't seat you yet the table we are giving you just ordered another round of drinks. (ho-hum)

              When we sat, we were not given a wine list, interesting as the entire side of this dining room is a glass enclosed room with bottles of wine from the floor to the ceiling. after asking for one, it was brought about 5 minutes later. We chose the Rhone, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which was outstanding. would have loved to order a second bottle to drink with our dinner, but we were never asked, as a matter of fact, once our orders were taken, the next time we saw the waiter was when he asked for our dessert order. Water was never refilled ever at any point of the meal, and we were never asked if we needed anything or if everything was ok. Service=2 thumbs down, wait 3 thumbs down. Although not arrogant in any manner as some previous posts have mentioned, our waiter just downright didn't care that we were there.And it is safe to say that the automatic 20% gratuity for a party of 8 or more might have had something to do with that. TIPS-To Insure Proper Service, not at Dylan Priime. $110 gratuity for doing nothing to make our dining experience even close to memorable.

              The appetizers were good, grilled artichokes, fondue, crab cakes, all good,no complaints.As for the entrees, the porterhouse was tough, the Carpetbagger was more like carpet...not stuffed, but rather a butterflied filet mignon with 2 oysters tucked inside, and mashed potatoes and spinach on each side of the plate, the savory sounding Guinness and brown sugar was more like sweet beef stock, not even close to anything you could imagine this dish would be. The only entree that was mentionable in a favorable way was the beef wellington...then again, smear some fois gras on a tenderloin, wrap it in pastry dough and you can make this at home.
              Overall, we were all excited to be going to Dylan Prime and in the end all disappointed in the experience when we left. Oh, i almost forgot, upon leaving we were all kind of chatting about our disappointment, while waiting for our coats, my wife asked where hers was, and the woman at the coat check responded by saying, this just wasn't our night, as her coat lay on the floor...You can't make this stuff up!!!!
              So, when looking for a nice steak, in a good atmosphere with friendly or at least attentive service, steer clear of Dylan Prime, matter of fact even if all you want is a drink, steer clear of Dylan Prime, actually, don't even walk on the same side of the street as this place. As it makes an absolute mockery of Zagat with a 24 for food and a 22 for service...what a joke..

              1. re: princeofpork

                thanks! that puts me over the top going to porter house