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Apr 5, 2007 03:54 PM

Cute lunch place in Daly City

My bridesmaids and I are going to David's Bridal in Colma and I would like to treat them to a nice lunch afterwards. Can someone recommend a cute lunch spot nearby? I'm not interested in Boulevard Cafe, Koi Palace, Outback; instead I ideally want someplace that serves gourmet sandwiches, salads, and entrees.

Or am I asking for too much? I'll also consider places in SSF or San Bruno.

Thank you.

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  1. As far as I know, what you're looking for doesn't exist in those areas. Best to head down to Burlingame - there's several options there. Downtown San Mateo is an option too.

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      Yeah, asking too much for that area. If you don't go down to Burlingame or San Mateo, you might just consider driving down Mission till you hit the the area with places like Blue Plate or Liberty Cafe ...though I don't think Blue Plate serves lunch. I mean, the only place that even serves sandwiches and salads near Colma is Marie Calendars ... and that is hardly cute or good.

    2. i know it's not the goumet sandwiches, salads and entrees you were seeking... but i was looking over the listings of places at Tanforan and found this:

      Butterfly Bistro is an exciting new restaurant from rising star Chef Robert Lam, the creator of Butterfly San Francisco, offering Vietnamese cuisine with a modern backdrop to the San Francisco Peninsula.

      The restaurant takes reservations, has happy hour specials from 4-7pm, outdoor seating, a full bar and a special drink menu.

      Might be nice and pretty close to Colma.

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        I saw Butterfly Bistro reviewed by Michael Bauer in the Sunday Examiner Magazine, September, 30, 2007. Went Friday night, November 9, 2007, to find it already "closed until further notice".