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Apr 5, 2007 02:51 PM

LA Indian Food, Please Enlighten!

I have been in LA just under two years, and I still have no idea where to find the best Indian food in the city. Is there a Little India in LA and if so, where is it? What are the best places to eat there? Thanks!
And I'd like to edit this... What places are good that are not so far as Artesia? Thanks!

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  1. Link to recent, (well at least the last 3 posts are recent) on point thread on this very subject:

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Thanks so much! I was just thinking I should have asked for a link, since I'm sure it's been discussed....

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        Thanks for that old link! Besides all the other stuff, just finding out that there's fresh sugar cane juice at Rasraj was totally worth reading through that thread.

      2. Little India's in Artesia.

        1. not so far as Artesia. . . there are a ton of Indian places all over LA . . . my favorites:

          Akbar!!! so good. there are multiple locations.

          Ambala Dhaba - 1718 westwood blvd. this place is hit or miss. it actually is a second restaurant (1st in artesia). i've had outstanding meals here and then just so/so meals - but overall i'd say it's quite good.

          Mumtaz - 7013 Melrose Ave. I love this place - but maybe b/c i've been going for so long. it's good and the staff is lovely.

          East India Cafe - on LaBrea - this place has a great vibe and really nice space. Food is pretty good.

          Bombay Cafe - pico near bundy - this place is pretty good, but the prices are much higher than most indian places i've been to.

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            I haven't had much luck at Akbar -- I've tried the chicken tikka masala and saag paneer. Any specific dishes you recommend? Haven't tried Ambala Dhaba yet but am intrigued. Again, any recs?

            1. re: a_and_w

              i like super spicy food - so that's what i order at akbar.

              the vindaloo is great. the prawns madras is out of this world. it's so flavorful - much different than many dishes i've ever had. those are my two favorites. i've had a couple of disappointments (can't remember what they were) - but for the most part i like thier food. i especially like the "chutneys" they serve - the garbanzo and coconut tasting one in particular. very good.

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                Finally tried the Vindaloo, which I did indeed enjoy. Thanks for the tip!

            1. I just tried a little tiny hole in the wall place called Bombay Grill in the mini-mall at 7306 Santa Monica. Great lunch, huge portions. Surprisingly delicious korma.