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Funnel Mill on Broadway in SM???

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Walked past a new coffee place on Broadway in Santa Monica called Funnel Mill. Looks like a coffee aficianado place, with what looked like vacuum pots and numerous coffee and tea options.

Has anyone been in yet? Any reports?

There is a web page, but really no information on it as yet:


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  1. I can't speak for the coffee - but the tea is excellent!! The guy behind the counter really knows his stuff.

    Not a huge selection of teas, but everything I have tried (including an herbal concoction that is freshly brewed from apples, nuts, spices on the stove) has been excellent. A few baked goods, and a large (currently very empty) place to sit. It's a nice space, and is probably more inviting when it's not so empty.

    1. I tried Funnel Mill’s coffee first time last Friday, and it was incredible. The selection of the coffee beans was unbelievable. They even sell a $60.00 cup of coffee. If I remember correctly, the name of the bean was Kopi Luwak.


      By the way, the vacuum pot you mentioned was actually called Syphon. It is a very old Turkish coffee brewing method.

      I really think Funnel Mill is serious about their coffees, Sorry I am not a tea drinker.

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          I dunno...it's hard for me personally to take a place that serves flavored coffee seriously. I also am not convinced that the marginal benefits of the vacuum pot outweigh the ridiculous amount of time it takes to brew.

        2. Really amazing. The coffee, tea, and service are better than anything I've had.

          1. After reading some reviews about Funnel Mill on CH, I decided to stop by this past weekend (10/20/07).

            By nature, I'm not a coffee drinker. Really dislike the stuff.
            But I *do* like tea. Recently picked it up.

            I gotta admit: The owners, JC and Theresa, really know their stuff. JC's expertise is the coffee, and Theresa's expertise is the tea.

            After looking at their website, I was really interested in "Cha Dao", as I've never had it before. Theresa was SOOOO helpful. She did the whole ceremony and chatted with me for about 15 minutes, refilling my pot, refilling the cup, etc.

            But not only did she merely do the actions of pouring, filling, etc...she even took her time to meticulously explain the characteristics, smell, and even taste of tea. I think she brewed 4 or 5 pots with me. She would ask questions to get me involved with the tea: "What do you taste when you drink this pot?", "Can you sense that the taste of the tea is changing?", etc.

            As a somewhat newcomer to drinking tea, I really have to admit that it was not only a blast, but it was pleasure to be around someone who had a real passion of what they do. It's not like those boba places who churn out cup after cup of drinks, shout out your name, and send you on your way. Instead, JC & Theresa really take their time to have you fall in love and deeply appreciate the tea that's in front of you.

            Is it a little pricey? Yes and no.
            If you're interested in carrying out a cup of tea (which they fill in a styrofoam coffee cup), it's around $3. That's not a bad price.

            If you're interested in staying a while and doing work and reading books and you purchase a pot of tea, it's around $10 - 15. And they refill your hot water. So if you sit there for 2 hours or you come with a group of friends, you could seriously crank out 20 or 30 cups of tea out of that $10 - $15. And keep in mind that because they don't use tea bags and they use real high-quality tea leaves, the flavor isn't some kind of wimpy tea that dies out over time, like you get at Denny's or any other place that just throws a generic tea at you.

            They do have their own parking underneath the place, but it's somewhat limited. So double-check and cross your fingers and hope that you can grab one of the few spots. Otherwise, it's 25 cents for 20 minutes at the meters.

            Note: JC & Theresa love their coffee & tea so much that they're already planning on how to put a mini-museum on the processes of developing tea/coffee and let everyone know how things work. Now that's called real dedication & passion!

            All in all: Truly a hidden gem. Go and relax at by yourself or with your friends and support a great place and passionate people!

            Funnel Mill
            930 Broadway
            Suite A (next door to a Karate place)
            Santa Monica, 90401

            M - F: 9AM - 9PM
            Sat - Sun: 10AM - 7PM

            Funnel Mill
            930 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA

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              This is a great place for anyone who loves coffee and/or tea. I'm an ex-coffee pro so I can talk coffee all day and I'm really picky about what makes good coffee. I was very impressed by their beans and the quality of the roasting. Definitely the best I've seen in LA.

              JC and Theresa are delightful and clearly very passionate about coffee and tea. The cafe atmosphere is quiet and relaxing and it seemed like most of the customers were regulars who enjoy excellent tea/coffee.

              Highly, highly recommended.

            2. We visited Funnel Mill this past weekend, and I agree with all of the posts here. As far as I know, there is no other coffee/tea house like this in the Los Angeles area. Any rave review I can offer here pales in comparison to what this place is.

              This is a serious coffee/tea place; there is nothing frivolous about this space. The coffee is brewed with extreme care and the tea is prepared with much respect for its quality. But there is nothing stuffy about this shop; the owners and servers warmly welcomed us and offered their assistance in guiding us to our choices.

              We enjoyed both a glass of coffee with vanilla bean infused milk and a cup of very fine quality jasmine tea.

              One can only understand how true this operation is by checking out their website; the owners are truly passionate about what they are doing.

              I might add that it is their policy not to accept any tips. While their prices appear high at first glance, the prices are completely in line with the quality of the product and the service they offer.

              As another poster has already said, I, too, highly, HIGHLY recommend Funnel Mill in Santa Monica!

              1. This is where one goes to sample the rarest and finest teas available. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and attention to detail is exceedingly high. Not for your average joe whose expectation's will be in a different direction and most surely not met.

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                1. re: silas

                  Hello, silas!
                  I posted about six months ago just above your post.
                  What did you have...coffee? tea?

                2. I have very mixed feelings about this place. The space is amazing, and the staff is extremely friendly. But it takes forever and costs so much for coffee that's not noticeably better than what they serve at places like Peet's or Groundworks. I also can't get past little annoyances, like the way they insist upon bringing you milk in a little pourer, which is too small. I would much prefer that they leave sugar and milk out for the customers to serve themselves at will, like every other coffee shop does.

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                  1. re: a_and_w

                    My good friend Mark C.have been going to Funnel Mill since it open its door.
                    I am from NYC and owns 2 Cafes at NYC. I'd visit Funnel Mill for the 1st time last week and I supports Funnel Mill.

                    People like "A AND W" have NO IDEA how hard it can be to make a good cup of joe. not to mention TASTEING the coffee's flavor. It is sad to seen a small business doing something right for change... end up being disrespect by the mass market fool like "a and w" go back to your fish coffee.

                    1. re: Killy J

                      Looks like Killy needs to switch to decaf. I used to work at Peet's, so I think I know a thing or two about good coffee. There is nothing in the taste of Funnel Mill Coffee that couldn't be replicated in 1/10th the time using a Chemex.

                      PS: I'm almost afraid to ask, but...what on Earth is "fish coffee"?

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        Chemex, it does brew a good cup of joe, You are right!
                        Unfortunately, Chemex is no different from Victorian drip. Victorian Drip was discovered by the French. The name "Victorian" came from the corn shape-like filter; it looks like a letter V. Therefore, French called it a Victorian drip; you can often find it very common at Vietnamese restaurants. Since it functions just like a dripper, it only extracts around 67% of the coffee bean flavors. LET'S NOT FORGET you will still need to boil the water to 190 to 205F.

                        I guess Peet's probably forgot to teach you the process of boiling water. With very precise measurement, do you know it actually takes about 12 to 15 minutes to boil the water? How in the earth you came out 1/10th in length of time? Let me guess, maybe by microwave to speed the water boiling time? If so, this shows how little you and Peet’s know about coffee!... Syphone has the capability to boil water into the correct temperature without guessing around.

                        I am not saying Syphone makes the best cup of coffee. Similar like Chemex, it could ruin a cup of coffee just as bad as auto drip machine.

                        “Fish Coffee”... The name did not come from Battlestar Galactica. It was actually in honor of Starbucks, which opened its door in 1971. The coffee-loving first mate in Herman Melville's Moby Dick and because they thought the name evoked the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders. Hellooo!!!!! Think about the mermaid on the logo.