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Apr 5, 2007 02:31 PM

Sonny Bryan's for a group dinner?

What do you all think of taking a professional group to dinner at Sonny Bryan's barbeque? First is it all it's cracked up to be? The company for dinner is not a suit crowd, but it's a professional gathering, not friends and family. Is the location at Innwood too seedy, or not appropriate for a kind of fun dinner? Do you have any other suggestions for other Sonny Bryan locations, or barbeque or Southern food for this type of crowd? We'll be around 15 people and we'll be staying at the Hyatt on Reunion.

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  1. I would not recommend SB's. The food is disappointing and the original Inwood location closes at lunch. There is a second Inwood location, but it feels very generic. If you want BBQ, I would recommend Sammy's on Leonard Street. However, Dallas does not have the best BBQ places and I would consider Mexcian food. Where are you traveling from? Do you have good Mexican good where you live? What is your budget?

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      We're all from different states, but mostly California, so we know good Mexican, but it's different from Mexican in Texas! Do you have a recommendation? I am kind of set on barbeque, but can be talked into Mexican. The budget is probably $25 per person - so it's not that important to be budget-conscious - just authentic and good food!

    2. You could always do Pappadeaux's, it's not like cajun is common in California, right?

      1. If you want BBQ then Sammy's is probably a good option. Being from California, Mexican may not be that exciting to you but Gloria's (Mexican with a South American influence is on Lemmon), Uncle Julio's (also on Lemmon), or Ojeda's (Maple, I think) are good for a crowd. The suggestion of Pappadeux's for cajun may be a good one. It is on Oak Lawn just north of Lemmon. These are all pretty close to your hotel and fun for a group. Whatever you do, do not let anyone talk you into the West is a tourist trap.

        1. I like Sonny Bryan's but it definitely is not a spot for a "professional gathering" no matter how casual.