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Apr 5, 2007 02:20 PM

All clad ss vs. Calphalon tri ply

What's the difference? I found the ac 12 inch fry pan for 135.00 and the calphalon for 89.00 at bb&b plus 20% off. HELP.. Not sure if it's worth the difference. I am just starting to purchase my first non-non stick.

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  1. I've used both and prefer the All Clad.

    1. Do you have an induction range? If so, AC is the one to buy. I have pieces from both lines and have been pleased with how both perform on my gas range. Make sure to pick up and handle them before you buy. Personally, I find the Tri Ply handles marginally more comfortable than the AC. Some people really have a problem with the AC handles. Also note that most AC pieces are made in the US, while the Tri Ply is made in China.

      1. In my battery of mongrel cookware, I have SS ChefMates made in China and purchased in Target for $20. Taken a beating, used for all types of cooking, work perfectly!

        1. Go try lifting each of them by the handles at a store. You will quickly figure out the difference.

          For a second I thought you were going to spend $100+ on a non-stick pan, which would be insane. But instead you seem to be moving on to cooking with fond. Good on you for it.

          The construction of the business end of both pans is identical, handle is different, and All-Clad has a premium branding cult that garners them 50% margins. Beware of that, and try the (IMHO uncomfortable) handles before you spend any money. All stainless-clad aluminum pans tend to be pretty much the same (I assume there is an economy of scale for the upstream suppliers of the bimetal), so it's an issue of price vs. ergonomics.

          In short, try flipping something heavy-ish in both pans, then choose.

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            thank you so much. You answered my question perfectly. I liked the way the calphalon feels better, but didn't know if it was as good because of the price.

            1. re: wandak

              I have both, but find I use the Calphalon quite a bit more. I agree- it just feels better.