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Apr 5, 2007 02:18 PM

Dessert In/Near West Hartford

Role play: If you survived eight days without leaven, legumes, corn syrup, etc. and lived in West Hartford, where would you go to indulge? Please don't laugh...I am 3/8 of the way through Passover and have cake cravings. Every year, per tradition, I break Passover with chocolate ice cream but this year I am looking for a really awesome dessert. I'm looking at a ten-mile radius. Any type of cuisine and price is fine. Sampler plates are a plus.

Thank you!

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  1. I think I would go to Mozzicattos on Franklin Ave in Hartford and get a slice of ricotta cake. Or better yet, go with some friends and share a few things. Cheers!

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    1. re: crunyon

      Oh, I'm bringing a friend! I am just clueless about dessert options.

      1. re: JudgeMaven

        If you're looking for cake and want to take it home, try Your Just Desserts on Park Road. Otherwise, go for the variety at Mozzicattos and get a cappuccino to go with it.

    2. Pasticceria Italia in Bloomfield. Many, many types of different cake slices, cookies, cannolis. Fill a box. Happy Passover!

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      1. re: rudysmom

        I agree Rudysmom.....this place is awesome!....I've done exactly that on a few occasions...filled a box with an assortment

        1. re: LenaNE

          Oh, how could I forget this place! I think this place closes at 7:00, and Passover ends at 8:08 PM so I need a place open at 8:09 PM.

      2. Elmwood Pastry Shop. The cannolis are to die for.