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Apr 5, 2007 02:12 PM

Tea w/ Mom

Hiya hounds-
It's time for our annual Mother's Day tea, and we've done the rounds at all the gorgeous hotels in the area. We are deciding whether to do a repeat of a nice hotel, or to venture somewhere new. There are 4 ladies and 1 little girl.
We'd like something elegant, great service, delicious...and if they also serve champagne that would be perfect!
I've never been to Chado or Jin Patisserie...would either of those for the bill?
The Westside would be most convenient for us, but we could go as far as Pasadena so something really great.
BTW...we don't actually go on Mother's Day, to avoid the big rush, we'll go on another May weekend.


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  1. I'm not an expert on teas around here, but I can tell you that you want probably won't be found at Jin. Although most find the food, desserts, baked goods and chocolates to be very well prepared, some have been critical about the actual preparation and serving of the actual tea.

    Aside from having one small table on the very small porch, the rest of the seating is out in front in a quasi-Zen garden that may or may not be to one's liking. There is no dining inside the actual building itself. I've always wondered why they haven't put up some kind of structure that would allow for a retractable awning of sorts but maybe there are building code issues...

    The service can be good, but its consistancy is questionable as well, as it is a small place and there is only so many wait staff members.

    The last I was there, no champagne. Very unique tea blends but no bubbly.

    I truly like Jin, and would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys desserts and chocolates with a different twist. I would also reccomend it for a more casual lunch experience on a nice day. They do have lots of regulars - some of them British - who frequent this place because the quality is good and the al fresco atmosphere is nice on average. If you're in the Westside, just stop by - if you can find parking - and peek in through the gates. That's the dining area.

    1. I wouldn't go to Jin either. The teas we had weren't very impressive, there's no bubbly, and it's outside which isn't conducive to sitting for a long time and talking unless the weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold). Plus it's a tiny little garden with a dirt floor, and it's always so crowded you might feel rushed.

      Jin is fun, beachy, and relaxing but I wouldn't call it elegant and there's definitely no especial grace to the service.

      1. I don't think Chado serves champagne, at least not the one in Pasadena. It's nice, but not elegant in the way of say Ritz.

        1. One of my friends just celebrated her pregnancy with a ladies tea at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino. It's a lovely place to walk around and they have your typical afternoon tea as well. Being able to see the gardens and the other art they have on display makes the drive worthwhile. Happy Mother's Day! :)

          1. Doesn't Hotel Bel-Air do a really nice one?