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Apr 5, 2007 01:57 PM

Good bar/pub to watch metties

Any good ideas where to watch a full nine-inning metties game, like this saturday, 3pm, smoltz v glavine? Looking for brooklyn or queens. I've been to Donovans, and their burger is great, but I don't see myself sitting in Donovan's for three hours. (Don't really know how to qualify that).
guess for a three hour commitment, comfort is a major factor.
Here's the five tools I am seeking, in no particular order:

a) Good food
b) Good beer
c) Comfortable seating
d) Not too drunk crowd
e) Not particulalry depressing atmosphere


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  1. Pete's Waterfront Ale House, sit at the bar. Get the buffalo wings calamari. Its NUTS!

    And go Yakees!
    ; )

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      While I absolutely love the Waterfront Ale House for the beer and food, it's not really a great place to watch sports, either "metties" (?) or "Yakees" (?) The two TVs there are quite small, lame and oddly placed in weird corners of the room, causing substantial neck and eye strain.

      1. re: Psychobabble

        Um, its a typo, I meant " Yankees".
        Agreed on the TVs. But love the food so much.

        1. re: Larry Brooks

          Yeah....I know. I just couldn't resist pointing out the mistake in that attempt to needle Mets fans. And abu, let's just call them the Mets (or for more flair, the Metropolitans). In the same 'hood I might add the Downtown Bar and Gill on Court and Amity. Very bright and sunny (thus not depressing) with good beer selection and several TVs. Haven't had the food, but it looked pretty decent when I was there.

    2. I really like Cody's in Brooklyn -- Court st., believe its between Pacific and Dean, not far from atlantic. Friendly staff, decent pub grub and I've spent many hours watching mets games there. I hope to do more of the same this season!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Up this way, where bars are a little thin on the ground, when the urge to watch the Mets and have a beer hits I sometimes go to Legends on 39th Ave. That's right, the Texas BBQ place. It's really made for watching sports, and has several TVs. The food is OK (better than the beer), and the concentration is on American sports rather than the stuff that so often commands attention at the local Irish joints. The crowd, such as it is, tends towards old guys who like to talk sports, and away from the boisterous rowdy drunken noisiness of so many other places. But having said that, it may not pass your "depressing atmosphere" test.

          For other, perhaps less depressing, sports watching bars in northwest Queens I would think that Sunnyside would be the place to go.

          1. C.J.Sullivans, hard by the Bell Blvd. L.I.R.R. station, fits the bill.
            Lets Go Mets!

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            1. re: johnk

              By depressing I meant surrounded by wacko met fans. Older fellas who talk sports vs young, loud drunks is exactly what I'm looking for...