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Apr 5, 2007 01:53 PM

Parea for dinner on Sat. Where to have drinks before/after?

Hi all - I know Flute and Flatiron Lounge are around there. Any other thoughts? It's a cousins night for three ladies in their late 20's-early 30's. Thanks.

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  1. A new wine bar called Wined Up is on 20th street and broadway above the restaurant Punch. Supposed to be pretty good.
    I would say drinks at the Gramercy Tavern bar but that will probably be packed.

    Metrocafe and Wine Bar has a really nice log wooden bar where you can get flights of wine.

    There's also always Olives Bar in the W Hotel in Union Square.....Or I think I may have it--a new place called The House opened on Irving place and 15th street. While I didn't enjoy the food there, the bar is beautiful and thay have some nice glasses of wine. Here's the link:


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      Excellent choices. And yes, wine is perfect. Thank you!

    2. Tarralucci e Vino on 19th between Broadway & 5th. They serve food also but don't generally have issues with people sitting for just drinks. This would be a great low-key place for wine and appetizers.

      Barna on Park and 26th in the Giraffe Hotel basement.

      Japonais on 17th (or maybe it's 18th?) between Park and Irving. They have a lounge area upstairs.

      Sugarcane next to Shushisamba on Park, but they tend to get very crowded.

      My top pick would be Flatiron Lounge, though

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        Went to the The House. Beautiful place, great wine (we each did a half bottle of a white and got a bottle of champagne) and they do a super cheese plate paired with different honey and fruit paste for each one. excellent bread basket. Went to Flatiron after. Thanks for the advice!