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Apr 5, 2007 01:52 PM

What are your favorite things to get at Trader Joe's? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]


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  1. Flash pasteurized orange juice (can't seem to find any OJ better than TJ unless it's not-pasteurized, but the problem there is then it doesn't last)

    Maryland style crab cakes

    Veggie chips

    Mochi ice-cream balls

    1. Papadums
      Mini Pitas
      Mini rice crackers
      luna bars (they ahve them for only 99 cents which is SO cheap!)
      mochi ice cream balls
      italian ices (the ones that are actually inside the fruit)

      1. All of their frozen vegetables are superior to any brand you can get in a regular supermarket. Love their Chocolate covered Blistered peanuts and Chocolate covered Peanut Butter filled Pretzels, all of their nuts and trail mixes, frozen shrimp, coffee's. Their Pasta that they sell in the yellow bags ($1.49lb) match up against any Italian Imported high end dry pasta that I have tried. I have basically liked everything I have gotten there, love the store!

        1. My new favorite: Nirvana Patties -
          Veggie patties with Indian seasonings.

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            Frozen Edamame succotash,
            potato chips,
            toasted sesame oil,
            seasoned rice vinegar
            Crunchy peanut butter

          2. Yogurt, tomato soup, carrot ginger soup, and cereal. Not crazy about the fresh produce in the stores near me. I also bought some of their frozen foods on my last trip, but have not tried them yet.