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Apr 5, 2007 01:43 PM

Evanston Lunch Friday

Any rec's on the best place to go for lunch tomorrow? I get to Evanston about once every 10 years!!

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  1. The Celtic Knot Public House
    626 Church St.
    This Irish pub serving the normal bub food and many ambitious specials.

    Davis Street Fishmarket
    501 Davis St.
    Pretty good fresh Seafood, people tend to give the place bad reviews ever since the makeover, but I find the food to be good.

    Dixie Kitchen
    825 Church St.
    Good solid Cajun and southern food

    1631 Chicago Ave.
    Northern Italian done well

    La Petite Amelia
    618 Church St.
    Good to average French Bistro

    Pine Yard Restaurant
    1033 Davis St
    (847) 475-4940
    Chinese restaurant, nothing specatular but good

    1. If you are into/don't mind vegetarian then...

      Blind Faith Cafe
      525 Dempster St

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        Never had a bad meal at Siam Pasta on Dempster. Nothing spectacular but solid.