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Apr 5, 2007 01:38 PM

Want to try something new in W Village

For this Saturday night, couldn't get a res. at Po, and Extra Virgin doesn't take reservations. Going with the parents for a latish dinner, so don't want to wait. Looking for Italian or Mediteranean, $20 entree level. Any ideas?

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  1. Snack Taverna for Greek
    Crispo for Italian

    1. Osteria Del Sol is very good. West 4th and Perry. Great space and service too.

      I recently had a good meal at The Place on West 10th. West 10th between Greenwich Ave. and 7th. Price is right there as well.

        1. How about Crispo? It's sort of the border of W Village/Chelsea, but it's outstanding. Another thought would be Bellavitae (deeper in the west village), another solid choice.

          1. I have been recommending Freddy's place on the board for a while. Very good mid priced Italian on 8th and Jane. It used to be called La Cantina but the owner (Freddy of course) changed the name cause everyone calls it "Freddy's place" anyway. Small, quiet, great atmosphere. I haven't gotten much traction as it seems everyone on chowhounds likes the same 5 Italian restaurants downtown. I thought the whole point of the sight was for people to recommend and try new things.

            Try it. You will be happy.