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Apr 5, 2007 01:31 PM


For Easter I'm thinking of preparing a pasta salad using gnocchi. I'm not doing anything fancy, just using the premade gnocchi from Trader Joe's. Is this something I can make ahead of time and refrigerate? Any ideas on a simple recipe I can toss together? I love eating gnocchi but have never cooked anything with it before. Thankyou!

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  1. Is this going ot be a cold salad (I assume?). I would think that the gnocchi would be pretty gummy cold.

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      Yes, that was my original thought...I need to bring this dish to my brother's who lives about 45min away so maybe it's not a good idea to use gnocchi? I was hoping it was something I could make ahead of time but it sounds like it may not be a good idea afterall.

    2. I would serve it with a tomato cream sauce--I don't think it lends itself to being served cold as a "salad".

      1. Here's a link to a FoodandWine recipe that acvtually sounds very close to what I thought when I saw "gnocchi salad." (no, ok, cyber-dyslexic - not a live link, copy and paste!, sorry)

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        1. I love gnocchi, but I would think it would get gluey. Too starchy.

          1. I wouldn't use gnocchi. As others have said, I think it would get gluey.

            If you're looking to still make pasta salad with a pasta that has some good texture and bite, I suggest cheese tortellini. They hold up really well in pasta salad and are very substantial. I usually make a pasta salad with cooked, chilled tortellini, diced red pepper, cubed mozzarella cheese, chopped olives and halved cherry or grape tomatoes. Add some fresh chopped basil and make a simple vinaigrette (or use a bottled good italian dressing to make it even more simple).

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              I also like an orzo salad- make sure you undercook the orzo a bit, this way it won't get to rubbery. I do red peppers, hearts of palm, halved small tomatoes, toasted walnuts, feta, kalamatas, and a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and dill.

              I like QueenB's tortellini suggestion also.

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                I decided to make the orzo salad afterall. It turned out great! I used a recipe I found on epicurious. Funny thing is, I had to go to 3 grocery stores before I could find this pasta. I guess it's not very common? Anyways, thanks for the suggestion!