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Apr 5, 2007 01:28 PM

Atch Kotch in Hollywood

For six years I've worked in the area, and I had no idea about this Japanese restaurant (probably had to do with the nightmarish parking situation both around and in that Vine/Fountain minimall it's in). My time is running out to enjoy all the ramen I can as my options may very well dwindle to zero, or one if I'm lucky. So that's what I want to have there. Do they have any signature ramen dishes? How's the gyoza?

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  1. I've worked in post houses around AtchKotch for years & have been a regular, happy customer for all that time. Good lunch spot.

    I don't know if any of the ramens are "signature". They have a mix/match list of options - kind of a build-your-own...which is nice when you're in the mood for something particular.

    They also have some set styles - northern & southern. I prefer the southern - has pork & spice. The northern is blander & has salmon, fish heads...which is not for everyone.

    I also love the heavily tattooed waitresses & would hit on them except I think there is some sort of gang/triad/pinkie-cutting thing going on there...


    1. Gyoza's mediocre. Ramen isn't bad. The people who own it, though, are so nice that I go back there regardless every now and again.

      I have heard that the owner will personally cook an interesting, reasonably-priced omakase if you ask him to. Has anyone tried this?

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        I had that with friends 5 years ago, they were regulars, it was great food and fun.

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          Love Atch Kotch. If you like things spicy, ask for the "secret spice sauce" and the owner will bring it from the back. The parking isn't so bad, I have rarely had to pay once I say where I'm going. The pork cutlet in soup is really tasty too.

        2. re: nimo

          We tried it and ended up with some pretty delicious stuff. Lots of veggies. This place definitely has a style of its own; it's real Japanese comfort food.

        3. A couple noteables:

          1) The stark lack of music makes for either awkward silence or necessarily public conversation. Or peaceful, contemplative slurping.
          2) The udon with kitsune and shiitake rocks my world every time (see photo).