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Apr 5, 2007 01:20 PM

Hamburg(er) Nein - Doner Kabob Ya!

Very interesting story in today's LA Times on doner kababs and the assimilation of the Turks who make and sell it: ( You might have to register to read the story but it's free to do so.

It really made me hunger for a doner kabab and at the same time it gives a really good feel for what these young Turkish men are going though in trying to fit into the traditional German society. Seems to me that food is a good way to win "hearts, minds and stomachs."

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  1. As a German I can only say that this is an extremly lousy written report about immigration problems of Turkish people in Germany. Either the author writes about food (and it would be nice if he would do it without stupid cliches) or he focuses on immigration issues and then it would be nice if he would know what he is writing about.

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