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Apr 5, 2007 01:14 PM

Butcher Shop

Can anyone recommend a good butcher shop? I hear there is a good one in New Braunsfels, but I am not sure of the name. Would like to find something in town.

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  1. There is a good little butcher shop behind the restuarant on Kirby Lane that is next to Anersons Coffee and Tea. It is "Vin something", can't think of the name right now. The butcher shop used to be called Cooper's but they changed the name so as to avoid confusion with the Cooper's BBQ. They sell prime and it is good.

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      Drop everything and go to Longhorn Meats on MLK,they have it all[Pigs,Chickens,Lamb,Steers,Mutton,Boudin,Goats etc]you name.Get em to cut you a 16 oz ribeye,specify nice and fatty,grab a couple sticks of Al T's Boudin and some Cheddar cheese while you're at it.They will custom cut damn near any mammal that you can think of and they've been doing it for decades.

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        If this was where I had some Boudin from several years ago it was the best ever. It was a local source and i kick myself daily for not remembering where it was from. i'll have to check it out just for that.

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          sweet! thanks for the info on Longhorn Meats! they are in my hood and i'm aching for a good ribeye steak to marinate and throw on the grill this weekend...i hear that Burger Tex on the drag gets their meat here...

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            do they have buffalo/bison meat available? who does?? what about ostrich meat?

        2. You might be thinking of Granzin's in New Braunfels. Fantastic butcher shop and they make barbecue there too. Also if you don't feel like driving so far, Johnny G's butcher Block on Manchaca Road South of William Cannon is also a great butcher shop.

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            Johnny G's is a great source for cabrito.

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              Hey I'm new here!
              Cooper's Meat Market still call Cooper's Meat Market, 1601 W 38th St (I just live down the road, I go there all the time) they are still the best in town for prime cut. Central Market also very good one for special cut, they will get you anything you want.

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                the top spot to buy goats and or goat meat is World Halal Market on the NW corner of Rutland and N. Lamar. They will sell you any sized portion you want or any cut, or the whole carcass (I wanna say 15 bucks for the whole carcass, but that could be is much cheaper than you'd think, I do remember that. ) They get the goats delivered twice weekly from a rancher up near Goldthwaite who has them butchered Halal/Kosher style.

            2. What about a good place to get "back" bacon (english bacon)? I haven't been able to find a butcher in town that knows how to do the cut.