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Apr 5, 2007 01:07 PM

Spanish restaurant at 55th and 35th in Seattle?

There's a brand new Spanish restaurant next to Nana's Soup Kitchen on 55th and 35th - kind of Laurelhurst, kind of Wedgewood, maybe? Does anyone know what it is?

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  1. I haven't been there yet (but am dying to) but it's called Gaudi and everyone I have talked to who has been there has loved it.

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    1. tried the lamb shank. The piece i had was tasty but old (some of it was dark and hardened, perhaps too long uncovered in the fridge?)-- maybe better to try something else there. The server/bartender had a tendency to wrap his fingers/palm around the top edge of your glass (whether water or wine), disconcerting since he also had a cold and was wiping his nose with the same hand etc. Very friendly place, otherwise. Could use some sherries/ports/malmseys etc.

      1. What's the verdict on Gaudi? Just reading about it in Seattle magazine and tempted to check it out.

        1. I know it is un-houndy to quote second hand information, but I swear my mother taught me everything I know about food anyways. She said they thought Gaudi was okay, though a little pricey and found much better value at Bilbao, next to metro theaters on 45th.

          1. I was there a few months ago for a wine tasting with tapas through The Spanish Table, hosted by Catherine Reynolds, and husband Ken who works in the wine industry . She blogged about it

            I particularly loved the croquetas, squid, and paella. The owners owned a restaurant in Spain for years and have been at this location for about two years.

            I'd give it a try.

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              Here is the blog address again. Somehow it got cut off. The entry for Gaudi is half way down the page.