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Apr 5, 2007 12:58 PM

Cooking Vacations

I'm a foodie/hobby chef and my mom is one of those classic cook types who is not flashy but can make just about anything tase great. To celebrate her birthday I would like to take her on some sort of cooking vacation. I'm not really restrained by geography as this is a BIG birthday for her. I have heard some good things about these types of cooking vacations in Tuscany and France but would welcome any comments/recommendations.

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  1. I would recommend a Oaxacan trip with Susana of Seasons of My Heart

    She is knowledgeable, the food is wonderful, the area is so interesting, and prices are low down there. I just took a one-day seminar with her (you meet in the morning, spend half a day at the market tasting regional foods, then cook in the afternoon and dine as the sun sets...beautiful) but would love to get back for a week sometime.

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      1. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name and my computer crashed a few months ago so my faves were lost but... there is a week long cooking vacation in Tuscany. The name is almost called "cooking in Tuscany". It is fairly expensive but you stay in a lovely b & b type place, cook with local chefs and go to vineyards and markets, olive/cheese tasting, etc. Does anyone know the name of this? I will google and do some searching and see if I can find it. I heard it was fabulous!

        1. Susan Herman Loomis runs week-long and day-classes at her cooking school in Tuscany and in Patricia Wells' studio in Paris.

          Here's the website...