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Apr 5, 2007 12:52 PM

Indian Food Recipes - the easier the better

Sag Paneer, Tikka, Vindaloo - anything.

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    Vindaloo : Meat preparation tme itself is more than 24hrs
    Chicken Tikka : Best results marination for 3-4 hrs
    Paneer Sag : Max 20mnts

    1. I can recommend Neelam Batra's 1000 Indian Recipes. In addition to being very well written, I have very much enjoyed making and eating many of the recipes.

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        okay, here is my mother-in-law's mint chicken curry recipe. indian cooking ain't easy, but this is a pretty high yield endeavor.

        - in a blender, blend 8-10 cloves garlic, 2 inches fresh peeled ginger, 1 green chili, 4 dry red peppers, 1/4 cup lemon juice, salt to taste (1 tsp), 1-1.5 tsp gharam masala from indian store, 1 cilantro bunch chopped finely, 1 cup yoghurt - best for indian cooking is pavels nonfat or low fat
        - marinate chicken in this for at least 4 hours
        - chicken: 2 lbs chicken - best is bone-in skinless thighs, but i use tenders sometimes as well. cut thighs into four pieces and tenders into halves

        - take a wide pan
        - 1 medium size onion, sliced thingly lengthwise, sautee in oil (extra for tenders and less for thighs) until light brown.
        - add 1 tsp of ground roasted jeera (cumin)
        - add chicken and marinade
        - add half a bunch of fresh mint, chopped finely
        - cook chicken on high heat until it boils, then turn to medium/medium low and cook it covered, when chicken is tender you will see the oil separate at the top, about 30 minutes
        - add last half of mint bunch, chopped, and stir in
        - garnish with 1-2 inch matchstick ginger

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        1. Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking is a great start.

          1. Get some of Penzey's Vindaloo blend and follow the brain-dead simple recipe on the label. I leave out the potatoes and serve it over basmati rice. Otherwise I follow it to the letter and it is one of the best curries I've ever eaten and everyone who eats it agrees. It might make you locally famous.

            No marinating the pork, just cubing/browning, slow simmer w/lots of vinegar and yellow onions. I serve it with raita, sauteed julienned red & yellow peppers & onions, the "Tender Greens with Indian Spices" from CI's The Best Recipe. (I like spinach better than chard in this recipe.)

            It is one of the easiest, most beautifully color & flavor-coordinated, most scrumptious meals you'll ever put together.

            I love two curries--a lamb and a chicken--from the old 1960s NYT cookbook, and I have an outstanding lamb & spinach curry recipe I found somewhere and will dig up and post if it sounds good to you-- as I will any of the things I've mentioned if you can't find them easily elsewhere.