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Apr 5, 2007 12:13 PM

Gianfranco Pizza

Walking the dog, I see that a new Gianfranco Pizza is getting ready to open on 11th Street, between Spruce and Pine.

I've had the Gianfranco in Old City, which I really liked, and I am 90% sure that there is another Gianfranco down on South Broad.

Are the two existing Gianfranco's related, and is this 3rd store related to both of them, or is this a "Famous Ray's" situation like in New York?

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  1. yah theyre related. Flyer claims their Best of Philly awards too. Had two of their pies tonight: tomato pie and garlic spinach white cheese. Both quite tasty, altho neither was delicious. Crust wasn't bad, but had no life to it. Cheese was fine. Need to have their plain slice in order to properly evaluate. A zillion times better than Michael's which it replaced.