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Cake Frosting Recipes for Diabetics???

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Are there any good recipes for cake frostings for diabetics. Please don't give me any recipes with sugar or cool whip. I'm looking specifically for an icing substitute. Does such a thing exist?

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  1. I've made cream cheese frosting without sugar before... the tangy-ness of the cream cheese does help mask the somewhat chemical taste of the artificial sweetener. I've used equal & splenda. I'd go with whatever sweetener you like, just add it gradually to taste.

    1 1/2 cups cream cheese

    1 1/2 Tablespoons butter, softened

    sweetener of choice

    2 teaspoons vanilla

    0-2 Tablespoons milk to thin frosting to desired consistency

    I've also made a chocolate ganache that was sugar free... which can be whipped when cooled to make frosting.

    8 oz chocolate (un-sweetened)
    8 oz heavy whipping cream
    heat cream in microwave (very hot, but do not boil or scald), add chocolate broken up (set aside for a few mins... stir until chocolate is melted. add sugar sub to taste... cool, then whip with hand blender.

      1. 2 cups Whipping Cream
        1 box Sugar Free Pudding (any flavor)
        1 pkg cream cheese (softened)

        whip the cream till stiff peaks, add half the pudding powder and whip to peaks again, then add the other half, mix well. Cream in the softened cream cheese and your good to go, can be stored in the refrigerator for a good while if you keep it in a tight lid container, and the great part is you can use any flavor of instant pudding.

        Note: recipe is originally made with regular instant pudding and icing sugar, but I had the same dilemma last year and tried different variables of it to get rid of excess unnecessary sugar. So this recipe was tested and thoroughly enjoyed by my diabetic mother-in-law and family and friends.

        1. My mom makes what she calls italian icing for whoopie pies and I have made it sugar free by using splenda and it really comes out good.

          Millie's Italian Icing
          2 ½ Tablespoons of Flour
          ½ Cup Whole Milk (you could probably use low fat but not no fat)
          ½ Cup Splenda
          ¼ Cup Butter (Softened)
          ¼ Cup Vegetable Shortening (Crisco)
          1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
          Pinch of Salt

          Stir together flour, milk and Splenda in a saucepan over medium heat until a thick paste forms (almost like a dough). Take off the heat and put in the refrigerator until good and cold.

          Whip the cold paste with the butter, vegetable shortening, pinch of salt and vanilla till icing consistency. (I use a hand mixer)

          This makes enough to frost 6-8 cupcakes.

          1. I hate artificial sweeteners but I use cream cheese whipped with a little no sugar ( all fruit) jam or some frozen berries. some diabetics do fine with cocoanut palm sugar in which case you can make any brown sugar type frosting.

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              No sugar jam will have as much of an effect on a diabetic's blood sugar as will jam with sugar. As far as the body is concerned, sugar is sugar is sugar, whether it's glucose, fructose, or sucrose. The cream cheese in your frosting probably helps, as the fat in it will slow down the blood sugar spike, though people with diabetes are not supposed to eat much fat either.

              Carbohydrates like flour are also a concern, so I wonder how you're making that cake.

            2. What are you subbing for the cake? Flour = Sugar to a diabetic.

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                Can you not use a wheat flour? Is that not better, forgive my ignorance, but I am just recently diagnosed type two on metformin and still trying to deal with giving up my Dr. Pepper's (diet just not the same) and the Hersey's candy and my favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!!! Struggling to do what is right!~!!

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                  i'm guessing you mean whole wheat flour? it has a lower gi than plain white, but grains in general are a bad idea for a diabetic.

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                    Carbs are carbs are carbs.

                    But don't despair. You'll get the hang of it. I'm on a great mailing list group if you'd like to join us. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/...

                2. I would love to know that too! (the cake part :<)

                  1. Since I've given up sugar for dietary (not diabetic) purposes, I've found that whipping heavy cream with just a touch of vanilla makes a very good whipped cream. It won't last as long as icing, but it's delicious.

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                      Adding a little mascarpone stabilizes it and it lasts quite well.

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                        gelatin also works great to stabilize whipped cream.

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                          yes, but mascarpone tastes better ;=)

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                            True but I really like the texture that stabilizing with gelatin gives the cream, like really delicate marshmallow.

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                              wow, really,not me. But then I have never liked marshmallow either!

                    2. I have used strained Stoneyfield Farm fat free vanilla yougurt as a frosting for Cardiff cake and gingerbread. I strain it through a coffee filter until it turns to yougurt cheese.