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Apr 5, 2007 12:08 PM

Sunday Brunch/Breakfast Cleveland

Who has a tasty Sunday brunch, or a good breakfast in general?

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  1. I'll start with the best: Lucky's Cafe in tremont-luckyscafe.com fresh (local and organic when possible), innovative, tasty. Inviting space, amazing homemade baked goods, great coffee and nearly always wonderful, friendly service. The small menu that changes weekly. "You just can't beat Lucky's" (husband's quote when I try to say we should branch out a little one day)

    In general a very good breakfast is found at the westside market cafe (I think the website is just that). It is in the West Side Market building , entrance on Lorain ave.

    I am not sure if this of interest, but there are some fun places to have dim sum (Chinese sweet and savory brunch treats) in Cleveland. I won't go into unless you are interested.

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      I second lyn's recommendation of Lucky's Cafe. I go there almost every week. The best brunch in Cleveland! Great quality local fare. My favorite dish is the Sausage Gravy over scrambled eggs and cheddar biscuits with scallions.

      A couple weeks ago they were offerring a Cincinatti style chili, which was AMAZING. I was sad to see that item leave the menu.

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        I was there Chili week as well, but needed breakfast that day and shamefully we did not branch from our favorites of the tsang mentioned gravy and biscuits with eggs and the waffles-for those that have not been they vary: sweet potato,gingerbread, sweet corn, or what have you depending on the season or what is available. I asked if they were going to have the cinci chili again b/c I did not want to miss it forever and they promised they would. Oui Oui Cafe in Ohio City is also a cute little spot for crepes.

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