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Apr 5, 2007 11:56 AM

Recommendation Needed for Hoboken area

I am looking for a resturant (preferably) Indian near the water in the Hoboken area for a party in June. I amnot too familiar with the area and I am looking for a place that overlooks the water. Many people in the group are vegetarian so am thinking that Indian food would be the best option. I think there will be ablut 40 peopleand am looking to spend about $25/head.
I would appreciate any help.

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  1. I don't know of any Indian restaurants near the water in Hoboken. There are a couple of Indian restaurants in Jersey City, in the financial area, near the water, but I don't think either have a view.
    Here are a couple of Hoboken restaurants with a view.
    I've not been, to either of the previous two, but friends recommended them
    Not Indian, but with a view, and decent food, in Jersey City
    In Weehawken

    1. I would not recommend any of the water restaurants in Hoboken. Id rather go in land any day of the week. The ones on the water are overpriced and cater to tourists.
      THe nice indian restaurants in Hoboken may be too smal for 40 people. Maybe India On The Hudson, but im not sure.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Try Trinity in Hoboken on Frank Sinatra Way.It's overlooking the Hudson, great view. It's an Irish restaurant with a great menu & they do offer Vegetarian dishes. Great place, great atmosphere.

          1. foodie,
            this is not a plan that is going to have a successful outcome, I think. There are a lot of ho hum restaurants in Hoboken, and only a few really good ones. None of the good ones are Indian, and none of the Indian ones (that I know of, at least) have water views. If you have 40 people, you are even more constrained: all the good restaurants I can think of are little places. You'd be taking them over, literally.

            One option I do know of (lovely water view, though I can't vouch for the food AT ALL -- you might want to ask for other folks to weigh in) is Lua. It's on the water, at 14th street. Quasi-Cuban, I think. Even has a few tables outside. Exceptionally pretty view, and across the road from the Hoboken North ferry pier, so convenient for any of your guests coming in from the city. Might be a little more than your $25/head guideline. You'll want to check on that, too.