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Apr 5, 2007 11:49 AM

Best Ice Cream in KCMO

I've have been having a serious hankerin' for some really good ice cream/frozen custard, and we can't get any where we're at (Rolla).

We'll be in KC this weekend. Are there any good ice cream places you'd recommend?


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  1. My favorite pasttime- eating ice cream!!!

    Murray's is excellent, and I believe they are open now- they close down for the winter months.
    Murray's Ice Creams & Cookies
    (816) 931-5646
    4120 Pennsylvania Ave (Westport)
    Kansas City, MO 64111

    And my favorite in my neck of the woods is Twister's. It's custard, and my husband says they know him by name because of me! :-) My favorite is usually the Caramel Pecan Brownie Twister, but a current favorite has been the Smoreo- vanilla and chocolate custard with chocolate sauce, marshmallow sauce, and graham crackers! It's deadly!
    Twisters Frozen Custard
    8675 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223
    (913) 402-8110

    Edited to add: Sorry, I got excited and forgot about the MO part! But, the first one applies!

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    1. re: Katie Nell

      Yes Murray's is open they opened March 14th. Best ice cream in the city!!

    2. Murray's is always top notch (love their pistachio).
      For custard, I always like Foo's Fab Fro Custard in Brookside (not a chain, owned by cool French teach Betty Bremser).

      1. If you're willing to travel to Johnson County, then Sylas and Maddy's on 119th and Strang Line in Olathe is out of this world.

        I know they have some other locations reselling Sylas and Maddy's around the metro (like Palmer's in the Legends), but I like to go straight to the source.

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        1. re: reenum

          I think the straight source for Sylas and Maddy's is the mothership on Mass Street in Lawrence.

          I also second the Foo's recommendation. And you might want to try gelato at Cupini's at 43 and State Line or at the gelateria in the City Market (name escape me).

          1. re: heatherkay

            I saw the owner in the Olathe store several times last summer. I'm not sure which store is the original, but they both have incredibly fresh product. I especially love it when they make blackberry. I'm usually not so into the fruit flavors, but their blackberry is delicious!

            You know, Sheridan's is pretty darn good custard, and they're all over the metro. I also agree on Murray's if you're near there.

            1. re: amyzan

              I hadn't heard of Sylas and Maddy's before, so I'm glad that's come up, but I did a back-to-back of Foo's and Sheridan's last year, and found Sheridan's considerably worse. I wrote it up in somewhat more detail:


              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                Hmm, I'm gonna have to get up to Brookside for some Foo's! Never had it. In fact, I've really not had any other frozen custard but Sheridan's, perhaps, at least not any time recently or that I recall.

                My favorite ice cream is really Haagen Dazs, but it's not really a cone ice cream, because it's so rich. Breyer's used to be really good on cones when I was a kid, but it's gotten gooier in texture, even with the original black carton flavors with sugar rather than corn syrup. I wish there was a local ice crem parlor or custard shop that used real sugar rather than corn syrup as the primary sweetener. CS just goos up the texture to my taste.

                1. re: amyzan

                  There's also a location in Leawood, 95th and Mission, I think.

        2. Thanks, everyone, for all your input.

          We ended up going to Murray's, and we were not disappointed! Mr. Dumptruck had one scoop of pistachio and one scoop of chocolate flake fromage. Both were good, but the pistachio knocked our socks off! Wow!

          I had one scoop of "one drunk monk," (frangelico, espresso chips and amaretto, I think) which was excellent.

          Thanks so much!

          1. Oh hells yeah Murray's is the best ice cream in KC or anywhere else for that matter.

            My favorite is Drunk Monk or if that isn't available a combo of kiwi sorbet and cotton candy ice cream.

            Let's not forget the cookies either! Their iced sugar cookies are a reason to go to Murray's unto themselves.