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Apr 5, 2007 11:41 AM

fish tacos, revisited

i know there have been some threads on fish tacos. but i am looking for more. i have had bonita's. I have had mercadito's. where else should i go?

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  1. Cross La Esquina off the list. I had them 2 weeks ago and they consisted of 1 piece of grilled tasteless (could have been chicken breast meat) grilled fish on a tortilla with some cabbage.

    1. Have you ever had fish tacos in California? They're so amazing there and I'm too scared to try them here b/c I know they won't be nearly as great.

      1. Hi, I have had fish tacos in California before, and although you can't get the exact same version in NYC, a tasty fish taco can be had at Gabriela's on the UWS, on 93rd and Columbus. The fish is battered, deep fried, served in a soft tortilla with shredded cabbage, salsa, guac (i think) and special sauce. Although the tortilla is flour, and not corn, which is what i had in cali, it is still a pretty tasty fish taco. the entree portion is 3 pretty big tacos, and the appetizer portion is 2 small tacos. Hope this helps!

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        1. re: Tifa2276

          Mercadito has really great fish tacos.

          And on Mondays you can get 10 of them for $20. Wow.

          1. re: AKR

            10 tacos for $20 - tell me more?

            1. re: nuxvomica

              Mercadito tacos are tiny. I find them highly overrated and expensive.

        2. El Parador Cafe, but ask if they're making it, it's only on the specials menu

          1. i'm always looking for fish tacos too, but haven't quite found amazing cali style ones, but some decent ones here and there. besides mercadito etc,:
            -snack dragon on B & 3rd is a tiny hole in the wall place but they have decent tacos. $4 gets you two small fish tacos wrapped in blue corn tortilla, with fresh fish (they have different kinds -- higher end) and pretty basic fillers like lettuce, beets, etc. i only had it once but from what i remember it was quite tasty. not really your standard fish taco, but a nice variation on it.

            -clinton st. bake shop has some fish tacos that i actually enjoy, although some ppl may not agree. again, not standard, but nice healthy and spicy, with some kind of white fish (grilled?) and red cabbage, etc.

            i've noticed a few of the east village mexican joints have fish tacos on their menus too although i haven't tried them. namely, i think i remember seeing them on benny's burritos menu.

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            1. re: emilia

              i really like the fish tacos at baby bo's (34th and 2nd). there rest of their menu is ok, but the fish tacos are very good.

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                Snack Dragon is good, not only for fish tacos. And extremely cheap, though it's basically to eat in the street.

                I had some decent fish tacos at Food on Lexington around 100 or 101 Street, not the best but pretty good, I think the fish was lightly battered and not grilled, so they weren't the best I've ever had.

                Honestly the best fish tacos I have had in the past year or so I made myself at home.