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Apr 5, 2007 11:37 AM

Friday Night near Herbst Theatre

We are going to SF from San Jose for the next SFJazz performance at the Herbst Theatre, and are hoping to find tasty, not too expensive food, within walking distance from the parking garage on Grove. No other restrictions.,

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "not too expensive." We like Della Stella, Paul K, Citizen Cake. Absinthe is a popular place. I've never been dazzled by it, but it's reliably good and well located. Stelline's is good and quite inexpensive. Bistro Clovis was a favorite of ours, but we haven't been there in a while, I think it was closed for renovation at some point, and I'm not sure about the current status. Somebody's bound to recommend Zuni, but the service can be slow, not great if you have a curtain. Wherever you go, you absolutely want to make a reservation. All the restaurants in that area really fill up when there are events.

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      Thank you, Judith,
      Sorry I guess "not too expensive" from a San Jose point of view would be about $100 plus/minus,with wine/beer for two. It has been many years since we needed to go to SF for really good food, but we have subscribed to a number of the SF Jazz performances so are exploring. The only place I really like in SF is Tadich and that is a bit far from Van Ness. Do any of your suggestions have a web site/page? Thanks for your help.

      1. re: Stitcher

        I recommended Bodega Bistro to some Hersbt goers with success. But if you like Tadich, one option is to park down there (fairly easy street parking at night), and then take the Muni Metro from Embarcadero to Civic Center.

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          I think any of those places would amount to about $100 for two. Of all of them, I think Paul K might be the best choice. If I were to compare it to any place in SJ, I'd think of it in the same parenthesis as 71 St. Peter. I don't know if they have a web-page.

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            Thanks again, we ate at Paul K, Friday, enjoyable, but I would not rave -small plates are delicious but very SMALL. Wine list is TOO cute. We had good reasonalby price beer. We will try Delle Stelle tonight. Another note about Paul it was getting very noisey as we left at 6:30.

        2. Second on Absinthe and Paul K. I wouldn't go back to Delle Stelle again, not bad but annoyingly mediocre for the price.

          1. Hayes Street Grill is a nearby fish place with food quite similar to Tadich. I don't think they have a website, but if you Goolge them, you'll get a good idea.

            1. Thanks for all the recommendations. We enjoyed our dinner at Absinthe, oysters, rabbit, vegetable sides, cheese, beer, coffee, total with tip $102: however we will probably not return - the noise level is just TOO much.