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Apr 5, 2007 11:32 AM

The Farm on Adderley

If you have been there for dinner recently, please share your recs. My only visit was several months ago when the food was hit or miss (mine was a miss), so I'd appreciate some guidance in ordering. TIA

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  1. i think the hangar steak with broccoli rabe is a safe and delicious bet. the vegetables were excellent.

    the cheese plate is rather massive for an appetizer...definitely good for two people.

    and the chocolate mousse with salted cream was the best mousse besides my mother's...though, very rich.

    1. I go there for a nice comfortable meal...a thoughtful meal. Great beer selection and better-than-average food. Last time I was there I had the pork roast (maybe it was loin?) with escarole and large white beans. Lovely.

      By the way, I heard - since it's in the area - that Picket Fence was either going to close or would have a new owner/chef.

      1. I was there just last week. I had the broccoli soup which was rich and delicious without being filled with cream. I had the hangar steak which was good. Two of my friends ordered the special bass dish that looked great. In the past the gnocchi has been very good as has the pate appetizer. My friends also ordered a green bean appetizer that was wonderful and huge - served with vinaigrette, nuts and pear slices. Their salads are often inventive and inviting and always fresh.

        The wait-staff is very knowledgeable about the wine and has often steered me well. I do beware their gimlets since they only have fresh lime juice and it is often too intense for me.

        Desserts are ok. I haven't had a real rave yet except for the butterscotch ice cream. Eye opening. I wish they had espresso - they only have regular coffee but they serve tea in a pot which is very civilized.

        I like the owners and the people who work there and the place very much. I'm looking forward to the nicer weather so I can sit in the garden. It looks so inviting.

        1. I have a few questions. Is it a good place for brunch? Also, is it possible to have a beer and sit in the garden, or is it a much more dining-friendly rather than drink-friendly?

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            i had brunch there last fall on a saturday, around 1pm...totally empty. and the waiter was a bit awkward.

            foodwise, it wasnt anything special. maybe their brunch business perked up but i guess it shows that most of the clientele are not locals. though, i could be wrong.

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              There is a bar in the front where you could sit with a beer, but they get fairly crowded at dinner time...I could be wrong but I'd assume you couldn't sit in the garden for drinks only.

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                Bump - going there tonight, will give the report. Any last minute suggestions?

            2. I agree that the food is hit or miss, but I love the atmosphere and the wine list, and since I'm local I'll continue to patronize.

              Their burgers are VERY good and I love the chocolate mousse. Cheese plate is nice. I loved the sweet potato gnocchi with brussels sprouts but alas, it's not on the spring menu. Their salads are consistently good as well.

              the waitstaff is good (mostly--though the last time I was there I really didn't like my server. He had some pretty strong opinions and wasn't afraid to voice them) and can steer you in the right direction. Go with your gut. I find some of the chef's food pairings to be a bit odd, but I chalk it up to personal taste/preferences.

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                We went yesterday, and had an excellent meal. Everything without exception was great - I can totally recommend this place.