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Apr 5, 2007 11:22 AM

Myth tomorrow night!

I am flying up to S.F today and made reservations at Myth. Any recommendations/suggestions?

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  1. I've eaten there twice in the past two weeks. The oysters are amazing but right now, I am in a serious toss-up between loving the gnocchi more than the rigatoni with foie gras cream. Last night I had the rabbit which was stunning and quite an equal to the quail. The asparagus salad is lovely and if you care for "challenging" food, the sweetbreads are not to be missed!

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      Just how rich is that foie gras cream? I have gone in the past and never ordered it because it sounded like too much. I am going tonight and am torn about ordering it since there have been good reviews of this dish. Thanks!

      1. re: chaddict

        It is fabulous but I don't recommend it with the sweetbreads and scallop risotto all in one sitting. I have never found dinner too rich but I also had never found so many rich items that I wanted to try either. I went with two friends and we got the small portion of the foe gras pasta and it was perfect. I'm not sure I could have it as an entree but it was delicious. BTW, so were the sweetbreads and risotto with scallops. Have fun and enjoy!

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          It's quite tastey. If you're nervous about ordering it, go with the smaller portion and share. That way you aren't saddled with the entire amount by yourself - just IN CASE you don't like it. ;)

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            OK, so I had the oysters, small portion rigatoni, and small scallops. Alas, no scallop risotto (as mentioned above), waiter said they never had that dish (?). Bummed as I was really looking forward to it. Friend had the asparagus salad and the walu.

            Anyhooo, as I said below, the oysters were amazing. Loved the slight crunch of the tobiko against the silkiness of the oyster. The waiter said some people STILL ask for mignonette, even with the marinade of lime and cilantro and the yuzu tobiko!!!

            The rigatoni with foie gras cream and maitakes was a bit on the rich side; I could never do a full portion. In fact, I almost think it is worth splitting the small portion with someone and getting something else as well. It is, indeed, quite good but I didn’t want more than a few bites. The foie is not very pronounced which for me was a good thing. I love foie gras but only whole, not as pate, not as a mousse. Weird, I know…I also cannot handle any seafood turned into a mousse. I had had visions of foie mashed into a cream which turned me off in the past. Thanks to the CHers above, I tried it and glad I did; one of their signature dishes.

            The scallops were dusted in shiitake (or so the waiter said) and served with black trumpets atop potato puree. This was my favorite of the night. The scallops were perfectly cooked, the dusting really adding to the flavor, giving it an earthiness. Even the potato puree stood out. Our waiter said this was another of those dishes that have been on the menu since the start. The small portion actually had 3 large scallops so it was a perfectly sized dish. I wouldn’t go the large plate route.

            My friend’s asparagus salad was very good, perfectly cooked but I could tell he was bummed I steered him towards it and away from the asparagus soup. It’s not a “wow” dish but really tasted like spring. Served with olives, goat cheese, and a tomato coulis. His Hawaiian walu was a good sized piece of fish served atop spinach (I think), surrounded by fingerling potatoes and a roasted tomato-preserved lemon vinaigrette and mussels. There was a drizzle of maybe basil oil (something green) on the plate. The beautifully cooked mussels tasted fantastic with a touch of that oil. The vinaigrette was a perfect match with the fish, very refreshing.

            We skipped dessert (too full and oddly, nothing looked appealing except the cheese plate). Total bill with 3 2 oz. glasses of wine, glass of Tokjai, cappuccino, and tax was $115.00, not bad at all for the level of food, service, and the surroundings. Our waiter could not have been more enthusiastic in his wine pairings. Forgive me, all I remember was a verdejo with the oysters (I didn’t like the wine until I had it WITH the oysters) and a Cote de Beaune (Tollot-Beaut?) that was great with the pasta. The tokjai was not memorable.

            Highly, highly recommended. Apart from GD’s rocking cheese cart, I would choose Myth over Gary Danko any day of the week.

            1. re: chaddict

              I had the asparagus soup when I was there (last week? 2 weeks ago?) and it was one of my favorite things of the night (followed by small rigatoni & small scallops)

      2. Raw oysters with yuzu and tobiko. Best starter ever!

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          Have to agree! Had them last night and they were my favorite of the meal. Will write more later...

          1. re: chaddict

            Ah yes, now I remember that the scallops were with the potato puree instead of the risotto--sorry for the memory lapse. I made the mistake of ordering the larger size and that along with the foie gras pasta and sweet breads is what put me over the indulgence deep end. Still loved it though and glad to hear that you had a nice time.