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Apr 5, 2007 10:52 AM

Surprisingly good meal at Texas Roadhouse

We were down in West Virginia this past weekend visiting my grandmother and since her area isn't known for its food, we opted to eat at Texas Roadhouse one night. Not having a location near me and thus never having eaten there before, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was.

The rolls they give you when you sit down, along with the cinnamon butter, were so good I ate one for dessert later. The salads were fresh (hubby got the Caesar and grandma got the house) and both were quite good. The Caesar dressing had real anchovy and garlic flavor and the house had pieces of perfectly cooked hardboiled egg, which was a nice touch that elevated the salad above the usual lettuce, tomato and carrot.

I got the pulled pork sandwich and asked for my fries to be chili cheese instead of the regular (an addition that only cost an extra 99 cents) and was surprised to see the nice, normal portions. My sandwich was quite good, with tender pork and tangy BBQ sauce. The fries were amazing - well seasoned and the chili had chunks of tomato and bacon in it. My husband's steak was well seasoned, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and not at all fatty. My grandmother got the half slab of ribs and the meat was falling off the bone. I didn't try her mashed potatoes with gravy because those didn't look very good to me, but she was happy.

Service was exceptionally good as well. All in all I was impressed. I don't know if quality varies by location, but I'd eat at this one again the next time we're down visiting.

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  1. I always like Texas Roadhouse, I find their food better than most chains, and the $2 Coronas are not bad either. I typically get the sirloin steak, cup of chili, and the mashed potatoes with the "brown" gravy. The steaks are always cooked to order, and the sides are good as well. I have sampled the ribs when my mom orders them, and they are ok, not from a smoker so I wouldnt order them for myself, but as you said tender.

    I have gone to the Texas Roadhouse in Joliet, IL, and in Naperville, IL. and thought they were both good, with the Joliet location being better.

    1. I went to a Texas Roadhouse about a week ago and was also somewhat impressed. I was a little worried with the barrel of peanuts in the aisle and the faux-Texas decor, but the warm rolls and cinnamon butter were a good start. My dinner was the chicken fried chicken with chili and loaded sweet potato (caramel sauce & toasted marshmallows). It was very good and filled up the plate - about two smashed breasts - with tasty breading and an excellent country gravy. The chili was OK, but the sweet potato was excellent. Order the loaded version and let it cool while eating the entree, it makes a good dessert!

      My companion had the grilled sirloin with regular baked sweet potato and green beans. The sirloin was very tasty and cooked right with the sides also being above average. Service was a little too intrusive, but ours was a trainee that night. I will try the fries next time. Overall it is a pretty good addition to the usual suburban chain landscape.

      1. We love Texas Roadhouse in southern NH. I love the rib eye and ribs. Service was excellent, those rolls are really good. I can't remember the sides but we were really impressed, the location is always very busy and long waits.

        1. I think it is one of the best chains you can go to. We can feed 3 of us for under $50.00 which is a great deal when it comes to a steak house. We usually order prime rib and ribs. I also like to order the small slab of ribs and fries off the appetizer menu as it is only $6.95. Not a bad deal at all.

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            My husband always orders that appetizer. That with a soup could be a meal though. TR is one of our favorite places to eat (we live very close to one) when we are just having a relaxing evening.

          2. I'm in full agreement- Texas Roadhouse is way better than it has any right to be. I get their fall-off-the-bone ribs (they really do fall off the bone, I know some of you don't like it that way) and steak combo just about every time I go, and I'm always extremely satisfied. Sometimes I wish the place wasn't so very loud, but it's worth it.