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Apr 5, 2007 10:32 AM

Lunch on Main Street Santa Monica- today

I am visiting family for a few days in Long Beach and my husband and I planned on sitting near a pool all day, but the weather isn't really up for that so we're thinking of heading out to Santa Monica. I would love to have lunch on Main Street. Does anyone have suggestions for a good lunch spot there? We are from San Francisco so we already have our share of Chinese and Indian.


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  1. Hello... Consider going a mile or so south from Main St. (technically passing from Santa Monica into Venice proper) and have a swell upscale lunch at Joes on Abbott Kinney blvd.. Its worth the extra distance and effort! Welcome to L.A. !

    1. If you haven't been to Chinois before (Puck's take on Asian fusion) then this would be a really good opportunity to give it a try.

      1. Or a little further north in Santa Monica, you could try Cora's at Pico and Ocean which has a very cute covered patio and good food. If you really want to eat on Main Street, another option is Urth Cafe.

        1. Lula's Mexican Cocina - awesome mole enchiladas and tacos (sit inside or in the interior courtyard)

          Library Alehouse - nice beer/ale selection, sit in their courtyard

          World Cafe - They have a huge outdoor patio in the front, nice selection of food to choose from

          And if you go further down to Abbott Kinney, I love going to Joe's, Primitivo, or Lilly's French Cafe...they always have great lunch specials.