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Apr 5, 2007 10:26 AM

Best ICE CREAM in Ohio??

What are the best ice-cream joints in Ohio? Looking for both mainstream and out-of-the-way places, from obscure roadside stands and small-town parlors to the factory tours and big-name brands that operate retail stores.

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  1. Greaters in Cincinnati

    Young dairy in Yellow Springs

    My personal favorite is Hartzlers organic dairy in Wooster.

    Cleveland has Malleys and the Honey Hut

    The Akron Canton area has Strickland's ice cream.

    There used to be a old fashioned ice cream parlor close to the football HOF in Canton, but the name escapes me.

    Menches brothers in Wadsworth used to have good ice cream, but It has been a long time since I was there.

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      I had ice cream at Hartzlers last week for the first time and it is delicious. Very rich, very good. In fact I almost went back today but contained myself (it is a bit of a drive.) But I am planning on returning soon.

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        My grandmother lived in Cincinnati, so I spent much time there as a child. She always had many flavors of ice cream in her freezer. I hear tell that my grandfather used to keep *a separate freezer* in the basement solely devoted to ice cream, but that was before my time, so perhaps it is just a family legend. Even so, I have many fond memories of ice cream at my grandmother's house.

        Hooray for Graeters ice cream! My favorite was the mint chocolate chip, which contained giant shards (not to be confused with measly little chips) of excellent dark chocolate.

        We also ate lots of United Dairy Farmers ice cream, which, while not premium ice cream, had two great features: 1) many, many flavors 2) the vanilla ice cream made excellent ice cream sodas with that peculiar red pop they only have in southern Ohio.

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          Ohh, lord. I went to school at CoW, and getting Hartzlers in the early fall / late spring was the best thing ever.

          Graeters is good, but in Columbus, I really believe that Jeni's ice cream is the king (queen?) of ice cream. Try the marscapone and strawberry when they have it. It's -amazing-.

        2. Personally, my preference for premium ice cream in Cincinnati is Aglamesis Brothers which produces its ice cream on-site.

          Oakley Square
          3046 Madison Road
          Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

          Montgomery Square
          9899 Montgomery Road
          Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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          1. re: jlawrence01

            Honestly, I think that Graeter's ice cream is better, but Aglamesis' candy is better, and Aglamesis has a better ice cream parlor experience with its real glass and metal cups, bowls, and flatware.

          2. Graeters is excellent. If you are in Columbus, Jeni's in North Market is unbelievable.

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            1. re: sammy o

              Jeni's in Columbus. No contest. Free shipping within the state of Ohio and well worth the cost anywhere else ;-)

                1. re: abbefaith

                  Me, too. And also Denise's in Clintonville.

                  1. re: clarecat

                    I am from up in Detroit and would kill for a Jeni's up here. I had three visits to the Jeni's counter for the two scoop one night. The Backyard Mint mixed with the Salty Caramel is to die for.

                    As for a step back into yesteryear I used to like Victoria's Parlour in Granville. I have not been inside in about 10 years. From what I have heard they have changed owners and I do not know if that has meant any changes for the better or worse. I do not remember the ice cream they used to use but it was not to shaby.

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                      Have you tried Shatilla yet? (Dearborn)

                      1. re: rainsux

                        I will be in the next 24 hours thank you! :)

              1. re: sammy o

                Tried Jeni's tonight. Consistency was nice and creamy. Not as thick as Graeter's. Flavors were interesting, but my 15 year old son was very disappointed in the selection. Too many far out flavors. I had the pistachio honey and it tasted okay, but I wasn't overwhelmed. Too bad I'm only in for the day because I think that some of the other flavors would be a lot better.

              2. Young's Dairy is great if you have kids with you. Graeter's Peach (in season) is very delicious.

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                1. re: Betty

                  Young's is a fun place. I've never conducted a taste test, but I really think that Young's ice cream, while good, falls a bit short of Graeter's level of quality

                  1. re: JHHAM

                    I would agree, with the caveat that Young's is really a different sort of ice cream. But I love them both.

                2. There are several East Coast Custard locations. Great custard and good frozen yogurt, too.

                  Woo City ice cream is is available at Parkwood Ice Cream. Actually, the Woo City website calls it Parkwood Ice Cream but the phone book calls it the Parkwood Deli. In any case, several of Woo City's ice creams are just exactly what ice cream should be although I have had some consistency issues. It never worked out but the Woo City people seemed happy to accomodate a tour of their factory.

                  There are three Rosati's Frozen Custard Locations. The Higbee's malted chocolate evokes powerful memories in people old enough to remember the original. I'm not but I think it tastes good.

                  There are a couple La Gelateria locations. I've been pleased on the few occasions that I've visited but I haven't gone often enough to give them more than provisional approval.

                  We have Strickland's in the Cleveland area, too. We also have Weber's. They're both certainly better than Baskin Robbins.

                  There are others that I've never been to. Actually there are a lot as you can verify with a google search. But there are a few which I'm interested in based on what I've heard about them. Hartzler's Dairy operates a single ice cream shop (er... shoppe) in Wooster. I like their milk and they obviously take great pride in their entire operation. I've also heard good things about Handel's. Mootown does "mix ins" on a marble slab like that chain(?). According to their web site they also offer tours. There's Foster's about which I can say only that it exists and that I think it's local.


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                  1. re: stuart

                    My favorites in Cleveland:

                    1. Handel's
                    2. Mitchell's
                    3. Rosati's

                    1. re: stuart

                      Stuart, Thanks for the mention of Woo City ice cream.