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Apr 5, 2007 10:20 AM

Empire Dynasty in Farmington Hills, MI

We love good Chinese food and as of yet have not found one in or near Farmington Hills. We did try Hong Hua which gets rave reviews. It was pretty good but their take out menu is somewhat limited. Has anyone tried Empire Dynasty on Nine Mile in Farmington Hills? Thanks.

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  1. Empire Dynasty is good indeed. One of my personal barometers is Hot and Sour Soup and theirs is excellent and is included in the price of lunch. The chicken or other meats in Ginger and Garlic sauce is top notch as is the Hunan chicken. They do a laudable job.
    I recently tried two other Chinese restaurants that I recommend: China Town in a strip center on the NW corner of Maple and Welch, and TJ's on Commerce Road a few buildings east of Union Lake Road. (I have not tried the sushi at TJ's)

    1. back in december, i went to luch with a customer who suggested "gourmet garden" (s.e. corner of middlebelt & 12 mile). simple looking place at the end of a strip mall. big dining area, bar area, private dining rooms. the menu was more than almond boneless chicken and sweet and sour pork but not over the top creative/ecclectic. i think i had something similar to general tso chicken. the food came out on oversized plates and was fairly artistic in presentation. the food was excellent and service was very attentive. it's worth a try.

      1. House of Ing in the shopping plaza at 12 Mile and Halsted, NW corner. Excellent.