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Apr 5, 2007 10:05 AM

Holding Mushroom Turnovers

I'm going to a "heavy apps" potluck dinner party next Saturday and I have my heart set on making a mushroom-goat cheese kind of turnover thing. I'm planning on winging it a bit...but the general idea will be sauteed chopped mixed wild+button mushrooms with garlic, thyme, butter, sherry, S&P, inside of a phyllo dough turnover (you know...start with a rectangular strip of two buttered layers of phyllo, add spoonfull of filling, fold over into triangles repeatedly, bake) with a smear of goat cheese (possibly seasoned and/or mixed with other cheese or something, dunno yet) in there with the mushroom mixture.

My problem is that we are all meeting at the host's house, stashing our various dishes and then heading off to a wine festival and coming back for dinner afterwards. I also would really like to have at least the assembly work done on Friday. So, several issues here:
1. Do you think these would be tasty at room temp or close to room temp?
2. If not, would they reheat ok with a couple of minutes in the oven (or microwave??)?
3. If not, how long do you think they could survive assembled and uncooked?
4. If the answer to all of those is unfavorable...what else can I make that would do better, but is hopefully similar, because now I'm just really craving flakey, cheesy, mushroomey goodness.

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  1. In my cocktail party experience, phyllo dough turnovers are terrific fresh but not-so-great at room temperature as they become mushy. You might freeze the uncooked apps and bake just prior to serving. Keep them in a warm oven and replenish as the party goes on if the host is amenable to that.

    1. Yay! These are excellent. I often bring these to parties etc. Definitely serve hot: cook at party or reheat there and definitely do NOT reheat in the microwave or you will ruin the flaky wonder of the phyllo. I do a very similar filling with some creamy cheese, sometimes dil or another herb, sauteed leeks with the mushrooms, and then fold into triangles exactly as you mention. These will disappear for sure!

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        So...reheating at the party in the oven is doable? Any temp/time advice?