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Apr 5, 2007 09:58 AM

clam chowder in Northern Virginia

Where can I find incredible New England clam chowder?

It's strange, but I think one of the best versions I've had was at Outback Steakhouse.

In NOVA Living magazine, Arties was voted as having one of the best clam chowders in the area. It was a great disappointment, too salty.

It wasn't my intention to go to chain restaurants. I'd much prefer a quaint little bistro or a family-owned eatery.

Please share if you know of any good places.

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  1. It's a little touristy in the warmer months but at the Fish Market on King Street in Old Town, they have a very good clam chowdah. It's the only thing good thing on the menu besides their schooners of beer. The peel and eat shrimp, while good, are way too expensive. If you mosey over to Union St. Pub, they have a good seafood and corn chowder that is seasonal. Go early to avoid crowds though.

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      Thank you for the recommendation. :) I'll be sure to check it out.

      1. Despite the fact that it is a total tourist trap, I'm going to have to second the Fish Market for chowder. It can sometimes be overly thick, but on the whole I haven't found any around here I like better. But then go somewhere else for dinner. Not sure about recommending the schooners though - things must have changed because they used to be Schaefer (Do I lose my Chowhound license for knowing that fact?)

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          Wow, Fish Market must be good! Hehehe.