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Tamarindo Costa Rica in July

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I'm headed to Los Altos De Eros in July and am soooo excited to stay there. They will be feeding us pretty much the entire time we are there except a few dinners. Fot those we will have to go into Tamarindo. I'm kinda nervous because I didn't realize the town was sooooo shabby, any recommendations for somewhere to have nicer dinners there?

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  1. I posted on Tamarindo a while back...


    Quick summary - Etc. was probably the "nicest" restaurant - good fish dishes, chocolate souffle, a wine list - but Pedro's was probably favorite.

    Anyway, the town is fine... looks like any other backpacker/surfer town... although I just took a look at the Los Altos De Eros website and whoah! Well sure, any place will look shabby in comparison.