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Apr 5, 2007 09:37 AM

Tamarindo Costa Rica in July

I'm headed to Los Altos De Eros in July and am soooo excited to stay there. They will be feeding us pretty much the entire time we are there except a few dinners. Fot those we will have to go into Tamarindo. I'm kinda nervous because I didn't realize the town was sooooo shabby, any recommendations for somewhere to have nicer dinners there?

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  1. I posted on Tamarindo a while back...

    Quick summary - Etc. was probably the "nicest" restaurant - good fish dishes, chocolate souffle, a wine list - but Pedro's was probably favorite.

    Anyway, the town is fine... looks like any other backpacker/surfer town... although I just took a look at the Los Altos De Eros website and whoah! Well sure, any place will look shabby in comparison.