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Apr 5, 2007 08:54 AM

Walking distance from Omni in Woodley Park

Having a special dinner with a friend from Vermont. We usually have brunch at the Tabard but this time its dinner, and she's at the Omni. What are our best choices in that neighborhood? Partial to good (not red tablecloth) Italian, sushi, new American cuisine, price doesn't matter but we're not talking Citronelle/Per Se type place. Just a comfortable place with good food to catch up.

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  1. Well, you are already familiar with Lebanese Taverna. Also, I believe the Afghan Grill on Calvert still exists. It is only open for dinner. I've never been, but I hear very good things about it. This is one of those neighborhoods that has one of everything One French, one Italian, one Sushi, one Thai Maybe two Indian, both of which are dreadful.. Aside from what is on Connecticut, there is also an Irish pub kind of place a bit hidden from view, on a side street behind the Metro entrance.

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      Walk up the hill to Dino and have dinner there- it's better than anything in that direct neighborhood. You can also go a few steps further and go to Palena to have the best chicken on earth- but be prepared- it takes about 40 minutes to prepare.

    2. If you must stay in that specific neighborhood, I'd recommend Sake Club. i've not been in a while but previous visits have been very pleasant, good sushi, etc. Toro Sushi is also in that neighborhood, might be cheaper than Sake Club - I've not been so can't personally vouch for it.

      My real recommendation, though, if the weather is nice, is to walk up Connecticut Ave. to Cleveland Park. Lots of options; for what you've listed, especially consider the front room at Palena, or Dino.

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        Mama Ayesha's across the bridge on Calvert is amazing! (Middle Eastern)

        1. re: foodslut

          MaMa Ayesha's is excellent! And you could have a Helen Thomas sighting since she eats there all the time. I've had friendly service there and yummy shared plates food.

          1. re: Chownut

            We tried it- to call it terrible would be an insult to all things terrible. They literally told us that the sashimi wasn't fresh enough so they'd have to pan sear it. That is gross.

            1. re: jpschust

              Oh, I didnt' recommend it. I just clarified someone's typo.

        2. had some very decent mussels at the French place right across the street

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          1. re: Teddybear

            No one has mentioned New Heights. I've never been, but it's very well rated, though it often is left out of conversations. I think it gets forgotten about. It's New American, and newspaper and personal reviews I've heard have all been very good. It's New American.

            1. re: JoshInDC

              I think New Heights is way overrated. I want to love it. I like the location, I like the room. i've been a few times over the years and it's always been average at best. My wife and I come away saying "but I wanted food with FLAVOR."

            2. re: Teddybear

              Petit Plats. I've only had their take out roasted chicken (Yum!!!) and their brunch but the brunch was good and its a cute place.

            3. Maybe you should walk up or take the metro one stop to Cleveland Park and go to Palena (front of the room) or Dinos.

              1. I used to live right there. New Heights was a hang-out because it was 2 bnlocks from our apartment they they didn't charge us corkage. Then the chef changed and the restaurnat went downhill. I don't know what has happened since although rumor is that it may have found its way again. I'd take the 9 block hike to Dino. Or, if you want a 'special' meal, to Palena. Deffinitely your best options in the area.