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Apr 5, 2007 08:45 AM

Dinner ideas after graduation in Annapolis or Baltimore

I am graduating from graduate school in a month and will be entertaining guests from out of town. Graduation is at the Lyric in Baltimore and will be over by 6pm on a Friday night. What would be a nice seafood resturant to take everyone to that would be nice but not break the bank as well as not too formal. We love a good time. Baltimore is good but we love Annapolis too so the drive would not be a problem.

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  1. There's a great seafood place - NOT the Chart House - that is across the water from Inner Harbor in Bmore. I can't remember the name at all. Perhaps others can. I think you can actually see it from Inner Harbor, if that helps. The cute thing is that the water taxi will take you right there, so it's also an out-of-towner pleaser.

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      If you're talking about the Rusty Scupper, I'd hardly call it great. It does have a really nice view, though.

    2. It's at the high end of "not break the bank," but The Oceanaire in the Inner Harbor area -- is very nice. The portions are large and our servers encouraged us to share the first time we were there. So we always order several appetizers and one less entree than the number of people. Desserts are ridiculously oversized. Mixed casual to dressy. We normally wear sport coats and pants suits.

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        Oceanaire bills itself as the seafood house for steak lovers. I think that says enough about this particular chain . . . .

        Robert Oliver looks to be stunning inside and the consultant on the project was Spike or Charlie of Spike & Charlie.

        Blue Sea Grill is owned by the same people who own Ruth Chris; they have very good seafood although they are a bit expensive.

        Finally, I would consider the Black Olive/Kali's Court to be seafood places.

      2. theres actually a new seafood place that opened right next door to the lyric. its someones name....though it has escaped me. anyone know what im talking about?

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          That seafood restaurant (i believe on the corner of preston and cathedral... 1225 cathedral) is called robert oliver's and it's supposed to be amazing. They whip up some great cocktails and have a few jazz evenings... i've been only to the bar but if you want to make an impression its stunning inside and the food is getting great reviews!

        2. Black Olive is supposed to be excellent, but it might damage the bank. Not sure as I haven't been.

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            Black Olive IS excellent. It is my all-time favorite Baltimore restaurant. It's not cheap ($22-35 entrees), but for a graduation, it might be perfect. Check out the menu online, and know that it does not do the food the justice it deserves. I've been twice with my family, and it's the only restaurant between D.C. and PA that we are happy to splurge on. Also, they don't advertise it, but you can BYOB and pay a corking fee ($10 or $15). If you pick up a bottle or two from Trader Joe's, you're still saving yourself $15 a bottle over their wine menu. I know I probably just sound way too over-excited about this place, but it really is great. The waitstaff are very knowledgeable and gracious too, but just know that they generally do their own bar service so they are not as speedy as at other restaurants. Don't forget to check out the dessert menu too!

          2. How about The Rockfish in Annapolis? Just over the bridge in Eastport with parking behind the restaurant.

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              There's also Yellow Fin in Annapolis, right on the water

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                Yum, Yellow Fin! I've never been, but I've been to it's counterpart: Big Fish in Crofton. Good stuff - you choose your type of fish and then your type of preparation.

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                  Yellow Fin has awesome cocktail sauce. Good and spicy, I never have to "fix" it like I do in most other places.