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Apr 5, 2007 08:32 AM

Matzoh Bry in Midtown

I am in dire need of Matzoh Bry in Midtown. I ordered from Rosen's yesterday and it was more of a Matzoh omlette. Please help!!!

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  1. I think cafe edison has matzo brei during passover, it might be a special. 47th between b'way and 8th.

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    1. re: twiggles

      Cafe Edison definitely has it--I saw it on their menu. I have never eaten it there but I have a sense it's good.

      1. re: twiggles

        Yes. Café Edison has excellent matzoh brei--they have it all year long actually. And it's quite possibly the best thing on the menu there. I order it almost every time I go.



      2. I had it tuesday from the In-House Cafe in 444 Madison and it was very good, i'm not sure whether or not you can get in without working in the building but its worth a try.

        1. I can confirm Cafe Edison DOES have it, and it IS very good. Additionally, the Matzoh Ball soup looked great as well, but I had enough trouble taking down the bry!

          Thanks for all of your help.