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Apr 5, 2007 08:23 AM

Cooks Illustrated Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies

I posted a few days ago but it got buried, looking for the Cooks Illustrated Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. Does anyone have it? Could I use the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies (the one's that they make with the melted butter) that I love, love, love...but add cocoa? I am making them for my mechanic who is a "regular Joe" and doesn't really like the fancy dbl. chocolate cookies I've made in the, I'm searching for a moist, chocolatey cookie...TIA!!!

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  1. Are you sure it's a CI recipe? I have a membership to their website and just searched for it, and didn't find it. There's a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars under the regular recipe, but not for chocolate-chocolate chip cookies.

    1. I think you are having trouble because they call it "double chocolate cookie." Here's a link: If you have a recipe for a better, fancy one, please share. TIA

      1. You guys are so fantastic...thank you and vicarious, that blog looks great! Actually wyf4lyf, I think the recipe came from the new Best of CI cookbook, I had copied the regular CC recipe and saw at the bottom of the pg. the Dbl. chocolate one and I didn't copy the rest...library has lost the cookbook and I really should just get on amazon and buy it! Thanks for your efforts!!!