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Apr 5, 2007 08:23 AM

Where to Find the best Falafel in NY?

Hi Everyone,
I just came back from Paris, and had the best falafel of my life at L'As a Fallafel. Where can I find something like this in NYC? It had fresh fallafel, crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, great tahini sauce, fresh pitas, grilled eggplant, and cabbage salad. I'm located in Midtown, anything good close to here?? Thanks so much!

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  1. my favorite place is Azuri cafe. everything is fresh, authentic, and really tasty. you just have to get past the owner's grumpy attitude (which you could say adds to the experience). it's on 51st between 9th and 10th (closer to 10th).

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      Azuri is indeed the place to go. One of the few in America that's compared with the Paris place you mention. IMO, Ezra's bad attitude emphatically does not contribute to the experience, but the food is so good you just can't resist. Two other places that are a step below but in the area are Olympic Pita on 39th btw 5th and B'way (try the falafel on lavash) and Pick-A-Pita on 38th btw 6th and 7th (yummy shawafel that's better than Chickpea, imo). Finally, you might also want to try Taim on Waverly (great falafel and sabich). It's out of the area but the only other place that approaches Azuri's quality with a much nicer owner.

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        Azuri is definitely the best falafel you can get in New York. Ezra is a crouch, but if he tends to be nicer if you kind of suck up to him and tell him how wonderful his food is, how it's the best in New York, etc. The chicken shish plate is AMAZING, its the most flavorful, tender chicken you can imagine.

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          I'm sorry, but I was a regular at Azuri for many years and had a chance to observe Ezra on numerous occasions. He is more than a grouch when he gets going. His volatility is frightening and offensive -- there's just no other way to put it. More than once, I vowed never to return after observing some foul-mouthed tantrum at customers or staff. Unfortunately, his falafel and shawarma are like crack...

          I wish I could find the link to Jim's own take on Ezra's temper. I used to scoff at it until I witnessed the bad behavior myself. Most likely you'll be fine but people need to be prepared for the possibility they will meet Bad Ezra...

          PS: Try the hummus by itself. Used to buy it by the pint and eat it with a spoon...

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            wow, that's good to know. i'm not a regular there, but have been going occasionally for the past couple of years. the falafel platter is just so good, it makes me take the walk over there. i have never witnessed anything but 'grumpiness' but it definitely wouldn't surprise me. I'll need to be more prepared in the future...

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            what are the cross streets of Taim? (waverly and ?)

        2. I'm a fan of Taim in the W. Village. Not the same style as L'As in Paris (so Lenny Kravitz won't be putting his pic on the wall anytime soon)... less stuffed, but simple fresh made falafel great fluffy pita a few basic ingredients, and a spicy mint sauce to accent the tahini flavor. And no grumpy owner.

          The european chain Maoz just opened in union square. It's chain food, so not gonna rank at the top -- but if you like a lot of different ingredients and flavors in your falafel... their fixings bar gives you 10 or so additional options.

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            Wow, everyone thanks for the responses! Can't wait to get out and try...

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              Second Taim. Plus you get a choice of whole wheat pita which though not authentic, i think is great. And a great area to sit outside with your falafel on a nice day.

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                Taim for sure. Esp. the little green ones.

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                I just went to Taim on Friday night. The place is charming albeit tiny. Ppl were nice and friendly. The falafel's themselves were not that great though. They weren't crispy at all and was lacking a lot of flavor. I had gotten the Harissa one and was expecting more spunk. The pita bread is definitely the best I've ever had. So light and fluffy! We also had the fries with the saffron aioli sauce - the sauce is great but again - the fries were soggy. Wonder if they were having a bad fry day or something. also had the ginger mint tea which was amazing! I would try it again to see if it was just an off day because the ingredients did seem and taste fresh despite the lack of crispiness.

              3. Perhaps a little out of the way, my fave is Murray's falafel on 1st btw 15th & 16th. They have freshest/tastiest pitas and falafel I've ever had. They have this super tasty house-made green hot sauce which I definitley recommend. Although it didn't come with grilled eggplant, I'm sure they will put in in if you ask.

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                  I went once, a little over a year ago, and was underwhelmed. As I remember, it was overly dry and didn't taste of much spice. Some people said I should give them another chance, but I haven't felt the urge so far.

                  I haven't been to Azuri in several years but thought his felafel was delicious. I haven't been to Taim yet. I thought the felafel at Hoomoos Asli was great - very tasty, with plenty of spice, and cooked just to my taste. I never loved the felafel at Chickpea, used to like their turkey shawarma, but have found it increasingly tasteless and was also greatly annoyed that they got rid of my favorite side for filling - the spicy mixed-vegetable pickles (cauliflower, etc.). I now consider the cheaper Mamoun's acceptable for some late-night felafel on St. Marks and don't go to Chickpea anymore.

                2. Ali Baba on Amsterdam btw 84 & 85 is amazing! The guy there is kinda scary- so don't ask too many questions...and it's tiny so not much room to sit if it's crowded, but so worth it...great shwarma too!
                  ChickPea is also good (mutliple locations- I like the one on 14th st & 3rd ave)....

                  1. I used to love Mamouns in the village, and Cinderella in the east village.

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                      mamouns falafel and a coke. one of my favorite meals..