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Apr 5, 2007 08:12 AM

Where to find Sapodilla and Genip (Quenepas) in SW Ontario?

Hi everyone,
I live in Kitchener and I'm willing to travel around SW Ontario to find these fruits.

You can find a description of the fruits here:


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  1. I've seen and purchased sapodilla in chinatown (Spadina) - very expensive. I would guess that you'll only find ginnips in season at west indian stores that import them directly. Unfortunatley, I can't remember when the season is, although it's likely our spring/summer.

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      I can second the recommendation for the fruit markets on Spadina. Over the years I've seen both items there periodically. Your best bet is the two competing shops on the west side of Spadina, just north of Dundas. They have the freshest produce on the strip and are constantly involved in a price war so you can sometimes get a good deal.

    2. Thank you both Truffles and Tellerium.
      I've got a silly question. Since this is in chinatown, is Sapodilla and Ginep known by different names?
      Tellerium, do you happen to remember the name of the stores?

      Thank you again.

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        You can't miss the stores. There are several in the first block north of Dundas, on the west side. Just check all of them--it's easy, because most of the special fruits are on display tables right outside the stores. I usually buy fresh coconuts there (in season), for coconut water.

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          Try the West Indian stores in Kensington Market. There is another W.I. store on Bathurst just north of the Bloor TTC loop..others at Eglinton West and Oakwood .

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   This is a great site for anyone who wants pictures/uses/alternative names for the various fruits etc. used in the Islands.
            What I call something in Jamaica ie 'pear' called avocado here in Toronto.
            Really worth looking at and very informative.

        2. re: pistoladas

          pistoladas -

          Not a silly question at all! The sapodilla definitely went by another name, but I can't remember what it was. I was shopping with my mother, and she recognized it, so there was no need to pay attention to what it was called. I've never seen ginnips in chinatown. Your best bet downtown is as other posters suggested - the two west indian stores in Kensington. Those storeowners would also be able to tell you when they're (ginnips) in season.

          1. re: Truffles

            Sapodilla = naseberry in Jamaica.

        3. Canned sapodilla (sold as sapota) is available in Chinatown East all the time. I never tried fresh, so I can't compare, but I was largely unimpressed with the canned stuff.

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            The fresh is delicious - I've never tried the canned - didn't even realize they sold it. Actually canned sapodilla sounds pretty un-appealing in general....

          2. Resurrecting this thread because genip/chennip/mamoncillo/lemoncillo season is in. I managed to get my hands on a bag over the weekend, and am eating them as I type this.

            You can get them in Jamaican/East India grocery stores in Toronto around town, but in very limited amounts.

            1. Hello again. I wrote a quick blog entry about genip here, with a link to Nicey's Food Mart: