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Apr 5, 2007 07:46 AM

Are jeans acceptable for Willi's in Healdsburg?

We'll be getting to town around dinner and would prefer not to have to change....

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  1. yes it's pretty casual.

    1. Definitely. We showed up on a Saturday night all in jeans with crazy hair from a day in the convertible -- no one batted an eye. We really enjoyed our meal, by the way.

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      1. re: The Dive

        I'm sure you looked better than the locals. As we say, just be sure to wipe the horse sh** off your boots before you come in the door.

        The get-ups of some of the tourists in Healdsburg these days is pretty amusing. Now deemed "discovered" by the rash of NY Times articles, the amount of flashy gold jewelry on men and women teetering along in spikey heels has definitely increased in the 'burg. I imagine the number of face plants on gravel driveways and in rocky vineyards has too . . . though maybe these folks aren't interested in seeing working wineries or learning anything about wine culture.

      2. Yes. Perfectly fine.