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Apr 5, 2007 07:40 AM

Portugese Presunto at Courthouse Seafood

In case someone is looking for something different for Easter, I noticed yesterday that Courthouse seafood had several presuntos in their market. Presunto (cru) is the portuguese cured ham, like jamon serrano and proscuitto. Although I believe that there are places that cure it in the US (I wasn't able to ask whether this was local or imported), its still pretty hard to find in the Boston area -- even in restaurants only Atasca and O Cantinho regularly feature it. One of the hams would run you about $50. If you are serious, I would recommend calling and reserving one (617.876.6716).

Alternately, if either anyone would be interested in splitting one or perhaps having a chowdown next weekend (after Easter) with homemade rissois de camarao (fried pastries filled with a shrimp paste), salt cod cakes or other snacks, maybe favas stewed with the shank, and a soup -- look up my email in my profile. Serious inquiries only..

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for the tip on the presunto. Hard to imagine using up a whole one, though.

      1. As a follow up post, a small group of chowhounds are doing a presunto chowdown this Saturday evening. Its very informal, so if anybody else is interested please follow up to the email address in my profile to take this off the board. The presunto Courthouse was selling is sourced from the same provider/smokehouse in Chicopee that provides their linguica and chourico. A photo of the presunto is attached to this post.