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Apr 5, 2007 06:55 AM

TokuShin???? Did it close??

I've been reading some scary threads that say Toku has closed down already? Please tell me it's not true!!! Anyone know for certain?

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  1. I walked by today, becuase i needed to see for myself. Its a sad day because Toku Shin is in fact closed. There is a note on the door that says it is closed and it was pleasure serving you. I cringe at the thought of the medicore sushi that awaits me now in Greenwich.

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    1. re: Alex318

      This is such a shame. That place was spot on. I'm so depressed now.

      1. re: OrganicLife

        Absolutely zero marketing no doubt led to its early closure...they hardly made their presence not surprised really. Shame though, the one time I went it was very good.

        Kira Sushi remains #1 in Greenwich.

        1. re: OrganicLife

          I heard a rumor that the sushi chef from Toku has taken over the sushi bar at Ku in Cos Cob. I havent been to Ku in a year or two because the quality of the sushi fell off dramatically, but would be willing to go back if the rumor proves to be true. Has anyone been recently that can confirm this?

          1. re: Alex318

            OH! That could be promising. I was really not impressed with KU's food but the service and decor is very nice. If they could get their food up to par I'd be a regular there.