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Apr 5, 2007 06:50 AM

Arizona Native Frybread

Finding great restaurants like Arizona Native Frybread is why we started the Chow Down Phoenix blog. What a unique place. It is owned and operated by a friendly Native American crew who are genuinely interested in giving their customers a nice meal. The place is very clean with some Native American artwork hanging and available for sale. Pow-wow music with its characteristic beat of the drum plays softly in the background. After you place your order you can watch them stretch out the frybread and grill the meat. It is always nice when a restaurant makes the kitchen and cooking process visible.

The first time I went I ordered the green chili taco ($7). It was like a shredded beef burrito except in frybread instead of a tortilla and it was huge. It had excellent flavor with a little bit of a kick. My one very minor issue is that the green sauce can make the frybread soggy if you don’t eat it quick enough. The next time I went the owner talked me into trying the lamb, so I ordered the Navajo lamb sandwich ($8). This was another two-handed operation of lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and green chili stuffed in a frybread. I was a little worried as the lamb I have had previously wasn’t very good, but this was exceptionally tasty and grilled to perfection. It could have used a sauce of some kind to give it a little moisture. My wife had the Apache taco ($6). Mashed pinto beans were spread on the frybread and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and red onions. It was more like an Apache Tostada than an Apache taco. My daughter had a thick homemade tortilla topped with peanut butter ($4) and for desert we had a frybread coated with cinnamon and sugar ($4). I would have preferred a little more cinnamon and sugar, but after such a big sandwich the allure of dessert had faded a bit. Next time I will have to decide between the Navajo hominy stew or the Apache burger.

1437 E. Main St. (between Stapley & Gilbert)
Mesa, AZ 85203
phone: (480) 649-1314
fax: (480) 668-7662
hours: M-Sat 10:30-8, Sun 10:30-6

More Phoenix restaurant reviews and photos at:

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  1. If you like fry bread, give the Fry Bread House north of Indian School on 7th Ave a try. They serve up some really great fry bread there, too.

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    1. re: Firenza00

      Thanks for the tip. I will remember that. I used to get some frybread at a little stand down in Lehi. I wonder if they are still there.

      1. re: armanaz

        X2 on Fry Bread House! If you decide to go during the week for lunch, get there early! 11-11:30 if you can. By noon, parking is horrible, the line is usually out the door, and there is no seating.

      2. re: Firenza00

        My long time favorite is the little cafe at the Gila River Indian Center, at the Casa Blanca exit between Chandler & Casa Grande. Outstanding green chile frybread tacos, very reasonably priced. Note: they close at 5 PM.

        And the frybread stands in front of San Xavier mission (south of Tucson) are always good.
        The nearby cafe (in the little gift-shop center) is good too, but can be painfully slow if it's busy.

        Happy eating--
        Pete Tillman

        1. re: Tillman

          And the frybread stands in front of San Xavier mission (south of Tucson) are always good.

          --- I always watch them make those things there and they look kind of interesting - but so greasy!

          The nearby cafe (in the little gift-shop center) is good too, but can be painfully slow if it's busy

          --- What cafe?

          1. re: werewolf

            The nearby cafe (in the little gift-shop center) is good too, but can be painfully slow if it's busy

            --- What cafe?

            It's in the mini-mall opposite the mission (S side of the big parking lot.

          2. re: Tillman

            I haven't had the frybread at San Xavier mission, but the burrito's are awesome.

        2. We tried Arizona Native Fry Bread today. Fry Bread House is much better. I got a red chili meat w/cheese, lettuce, beans, and onions, and there was no flavor. Even my g/f who can't tolerate any hot spice at all couldn't taste any type of spice. It was totally bland. The menu is very limited as well. FBH has a more extensive menu and imho is a far better choice for fry bread.

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          1. re: Firenza00

            being a dine' (navajo) myself i must say that this place has authentic Navajo and Apache food!!
            In fact, the only one i know of out there!! They have all the items needed on the menu. After eating here it reminded me of home back on the reservation. for about 10 bucks a person you definitely leave full and satisfied. the owners are very nice as well as the 'authentic' staff. highly recommend this place to get real Navajo/Apache food!!

            plus, you can pick up your copy of the Navajo Times too!!!

            1. re: tmcgee

              it's funny, at fbh, the first time i went, i asked the man at the counter what he recommended and he just scowled at me & looked at me like i was crazy. i don't think they're down with that.

              after the 2nd time i went, he knew us by name and went out of his way to ask about our food. : )

              1. re: tmcgee

                Hey McGee,

                Which place were you referring to--Arizona Native Fry Bread or Fry Bread House?

                1. re: jasonaz

                  AZ NATIVE FRYBREAD!!

                  never been to FBH =P

                2. re: tmcgee

                  "...highly recommend this place to get real Navajo/Apache food!!"

                  What would you recommend - not too fried-greasy?

                  1. re: werewolf

                    The only thing that they fry is the frybread, but almost everything is served in it. They have a hominy stew that I haven't tried yet if you don't want frybread.

                3. re: Firenza00

                  My sister ordered the green chili the first time she was there, but it was too spicy for her, so now she orders one with just beans. Perhaps it is spicier than the red. I have recommended the place to two other people and they both loved the place. I haven't been to Fry Bread House, so I don't have the ability to compare.

                4. Folks, we have removed several posts on this thread regarding a meet up. While we encourage fellow Hounds to meet up and enjoy the chow (and, hopefully, report back on this forum so others can know how the chow is), making those arrangements are off topic for the thread at hand.

                  If someone wishes to make a brief post regarding the date, time and location of the meet up and a contact email for RSVP's, we will allow that, but all questions regarding the meet up should be handled by contacting the person via email who is arranging the meet up.

                  Thank you.

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                    There's a Google group set up for greater Phoenix Chowhounds to discuss meeting up and anything else that veers way off topic:


                    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                      Thanks JK!. :)

                      Brief details:

                      Friday, April 20, 2007, 11:30 a.m.
                      Fry Bread House

                      Email me via the email link on my blog.

                      I'll also post at the Google group JK mentioned.

                      Nothing else will be posted on this board.