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Apr 5, 2007 06:41 AM

Best Manhattan frozen yogurts?

Some friends and I are planning a "frozen yogurt tour" of Manhattan next weekend to check out some of the most buzzed-about fro yo places and decide for ourselves which we like best. Right now our agenda consists of 40 Carrots (Bloomingdale's), Pinkberry, and Yolato. Is there anywhere else that we shouldn't miss?



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  1. there are tasti d-lite locations all over the city, although some argue it doesn't count as frozen yogurt. there is also smoochies, with one on 23rd st and 6th ave, which i find kind of weird and spongy..

    my favorite is a dingy hole (easily mistaken for a tiny deli) on ave A around 7th street with that serves standard colombo froyo, but they have interesting flavors, wonderful ice cream milkshakes, and you get to watch old hot dogs spin around in those greasy heated cases. beware though, if you are looking only for glossy new franchises with designer furniture and vespas, this is not the place for you...

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    1. re: lilnugget

      No, we are open to anything! Thanks, lilnugget.

      I've had Columbo froyo at Penn Station--what kinds of "interesting flavors" do they have at this place on ave A?

      1. re: weetara

        it changes all the time, but some i've had are - peanut butter, banana, mint chip.. i guess they are interesting in that their flavors are more like ice cream flavors, but they are non-fat of low-fat.

        1. re: lilnugget

          wow-- sounds intriguing and i'm right in the hood, and have been looking for a fro yo place. can you tell me the name of this place, or a more detailed description? what it's next to, perhaps? i must seek it out!

          1. re: emilia

            You speak of Ray's, yes? The place with a tiny window, tiny counter, and a fries sign?


            1. re: kathryn

              YES!!! Ray's it is! I never knew the name until now. thanks!

    2. I like Tasti d lite which is all over the city. Also, Dylans candy has fro yo. You can also try Alpha yogurt at Health King on 38th and 7th or Sedutto yogurt on 78th and 1st.

      1. I heard Cafe Lalo on UWS has a similar yogurt-tasting frozen yogurt as 40 carrots (tart yogurt flavor).

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        1. re: welle

          That is true. I think Cafe Lalo's is better, though.

          1. re: davisready

            Yes, it's the Frogurt brand of frozen yogurt. Although Bloomingdale's claims it is "exclusive" to Bloomie's, I've seen it sold elsewhere.

            Is there a big price difference between what Bloomie's price it at (the "small" is like $3 for enough to split between 2) and what Cafe Lalo prices it at?

        2. I enjoyed the fro-yo at Zabars last week -- it was tangy & creamy and a pretty good deal, relatively speaking.

          1. I like the yogurt at Mary's Dairy on W. 4th. I think there's one in the East Village as well.

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            1. re: jdmetz

              The yogurt at 40 Carrots (Bloomingdale's) is the brand Frogurt. The most popular flavor there is the plain, and the coffee is also delicious. Outside of Bloomie’s, Frogurt t is available at Sedutto on 78th and 1st Avenue, and on the Upper West Side both at Café Lalo on W. 83rd as well as at Zabar’s Café on Broadway. If you are willing to accept something a little less creamy than Frogurt, you can try Pinkberry or Yolato, which also have the plain yogurt (fat free). Pinkberry has green tea yogurt and Yolato has many gelatos.

              1. re: jrazzle

                i like Yolato a lot. Pinkberry seems a hike for only two flavors (i'm nowhere near it) so i haven't tried it yet but that Bloomies place souds interesting. i imagine i walked past it a milion times but never realized it served fro yo... so, Frogurt is a brand?

                1. re: nuxvomica

                  i too am a fan of yolato. although to be fair, not all of their stuff is technically 'yogurt'; some of their gelatos are still just lower sugar/milk / healthier versions of regular gelato. haven't been to pinkberry.
                  some of my favorite fro yo in the city has been at nameless diners. two i can think of off the top of my head where i've had delish frozen yogurt is viand coffee shop on 86th and 2nd, and Grammery Cafe, on 17th and 3rd. nice, fresh and sweet- and so delicious i almost suspected it was regular soft serve ice cream. topped with strawberries and a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar -- perfect.

                  1. re: emilia

                    i'm new to this whole fro yo thing - not that big on ice cream as most is too sweet for me. but the tangy yogurt really works and i thought the gelatos at yolato were nicely not too sweet. this yogurt stuff is definitely growing on me - i look forward to trying more (when it finally gets warmer - what's with this weather?!)

                    btw, if you like balsamic, try sapa (saba) too - it's sweeter than balsamic but still has that vinegary tang - it's made from grape must and great over desserts in general

                    1. re: emilia

                      the people running yolato on macdougal told us that their gelato is just that - pure gelato, nothing "low" anything about it. their "yolato" is their trademark item and is available in only one plain flavor, which i really like cause it tastes like plain vanilla yogurt (kind of tangy almost), but their myriad of flavors of gelato have nothing to do with frozen yogurt at all. it's pure fat loaded gelato. frankly, i don't even know why they sell the gelato, if their whole shtick is healthy dessert.

                      1. re: billyeats

                        My guess is, because sometimes people who want healthy desserts have friends or significant others who hate healthy desserts. This way, no one has to compromise.

                        1. re: piccola

                          funny, the people running yolato at macdougal had told me the opposite -- they said it wasn't fat free, but that they used 'lighter' ingredients than most gelato so it was somewhat healthier. i noticed they recently posted up nutrition facts in plain site on the wall. you can see their gelatos are definitely not fat free (ranging from 2-6 grams of fat per half cup) but for the most part, much lower than regular gelatos. their sorbets are, as always, fat free.

                    2. re: nuxvomica

                      Yes, Frogurt is a brand of yogurt, like Colombo. Other places carry the brand, but very few carry the plain flavor, which is the one I like best and what people refer to as the "bloomingdale's yogurt."

                  2. re: jdmetz

                    I agree! It's called lickety lite. I think it's the best fro yo in the city.